I am very tired today.. been tired all day.  Hubby had to work from about 8pm last night til about 4pm today.  He took short naps on the couch between watching the system.. but not much sleep.  I decided to stay up with him and watch a drama. Yep, we are watching another one.  I have already seen it and finally convinced angel he would love it.  It seems I was right.  I love hearing him laugh..and I even saw tears. 

Well, I stayed up with him til I ended up crashing around 3am.  yikes.. Anna had also woken up to join us around 2am.. with a slight fever.. so I carted her off to bed with me while Angel spent the rest of the night alone. 

Today we caved, went out and bought a pool to replace the one we had to toss last fall.  It should be filled and ready to use tomorrow..woohooo

The neighbors had a small party outside today.. Anna and Kate had fun playing with the neighbor’s granddaughter.. then they had fireworks.. which they do alot here.  Now I am desperately trying to get them to fall asleep so I can go relax with hubby and then crash.  Don’t think we are going to make it to church tomorrow.  Kate leaves monday so I have tons of laundry and cleaning to do.  They joys of having the neices.. they love to create a total disaster so when it comes time to pack up their stuff.. you can’t find it..lol.  That is ok though, it is worth it.

I have not been able to catch up on xanga readings and comments.. so I apologize here.  I will try to do so next week when things get back to normal.