3 weeks!  3 weeks til school starts.  Technically we have been schooling all summer.. but mostly review stuff.  I just realized I have alot of planning to do.  This coming school year has to be more intense.. oh boy.. So Anna is going to the the next 3 weeks off school so I can focus on planning. 

The first day is almost done.  Spent today planning for day 1.. We are going to be working on the Prairie Primer.  Her school is going to revolve around the Little house books.  I am so excited and a bit overwhelmed.  I know we will do fine.. I will have it all figured out. 

Thankfully tomorrow, Anna will be picked up for VBS.  I get to stay home and spend 3 hours of uninterrupted planning time.  whooo hoo.. I am sure all you Stay at home, homeschooling moms know exactly how much I will appreciate this time. 

So, not sure how often I will be around.. I not only have to plan school, but menus and daily home stuff as well.. everything needs to be updated for the new year..

Good night!