More Random thoughts…

Monday – Anna was sick poor baby..she had a temp.. she was a zombie.. literally just sat there staring at the tv.. didn’t move, wouldn’t eat.. nothing.  We had to cancel her going to VBS.  Wasn’t gonna happen at this point.  By Monday night.. she was talkative, and mouthy.. yes my child is mouthy.. or starting to be.. she has an attitude… like from someone from Icarly or hannah montana attitude.. I may have to start paying more attention to that.. she likes to test us in that area..

Dinner was to be Lamb ribs.. and scallop potatoes.. ooops.. wait.. found bad bag of potatoes, scratch that.. ok.. make rice.. Angel came home to make ribs.. and he killed them.. I mean seriously blackened! we cut into it.. it is totally raw in the middle.  So he slices it up and tells me to keep an eye on it.. he is going to the store to get something else in case this doesn’t turn out.. I go check on the meat.. it is up in flames.. each piece engulfed !  It was not good.. and probably hilarious watching me blow out each flaming rib.. so dinner.. buffalo wings from the corner store!  lol

Tuesday – anna feels 100% better.. whoo hoo.. she wants to go to VBS.  I spend the morning alone, planning lessons.  Putting library books on hold.. the works.. It was a quiet moment.  Well, aside from David coming out to show me the new tunes he learned to play on the guitar.. but I will admit.. I enjoyed that part.  Anna come home, excited.. she had a blast.. We are having a great day.. until..

We get a call.  “Do you have 2 missing beagles?”  Umm.. did they leave my yard!  Ok.. now most of you remember I tore a ligament in December.. so needless to say I still get pains down that leg if I am doing alot of walking and such.. well they are not exactly around the corner.. they are a bit further than that!  I call back to let her know that I have to walk but I will get there as soon as possible.  She tells me her grandaughter is doing her best to keep them from taking off… So I rush as fast as I can.. I get there and they are trying their best to contain them to the deck..LOL.  I hook them up and we have a very long chat.. Now I am in pain.. but I am not rude (or try not to be),  turns out the granddaugher and her mom raise beagles.. so it was a nice conversation (imagine having 11 of these dogs!!!  yikes!! I can’t even handle 2!).. we start the trek home.. now they are pulling and they pull in different directions.. (yes.. I need a visit from the dog whisperer, badly!).. I finally get home, my back kills, my leg kills, my arm kills.. and angel is on his way home.. was dinner ready.. umm.. no.. was not happening at that time.  So after a late dinner  and I tried to watch Eureka with him.. I went to bed.. Anna tried to join me.. but she was talkative .. and I was snapping at her.. I finally said.. honey.. I am sorry I am yelling at you.. but mommy hurts right now.. she said.. “I think I am gonna go sit with daddy” and 

Yesterday, Anna is not feeling well.  So we cancel vbs.. she says sore throat and runny nose.  Angel decides to work from home because it is literally pouring buckets.. and ethan is coming.. We had a great time with Ethan.. but Ethan wasn’t feeling so good either.. teething, runny  nose, watery eyes, and not wanting to eat.  We later discover that his mommy has pink eye.. by the end of the night, anna’s eyes are watery, irritatiing her and finally gunk forming .. my eyes are irritated too!  uh oh..

Last night she fell asleep.. I look at her and the gunk is all around her eyes.. it is pretty definate.. however, I have never seen pink eye happen that fast!  So did she get it from Ethan’s mommy? or does someone else have it (possibly at VBS) .. oh boy.. So we have to cancel our plans for our Anniversary today.. Anna does not want to give this to mimi and papa.  Sigh..

Top that off with the discovery that my dogs are heavily infested and the natural methods are not working on them.. I had to give in and give them the toxin treatment and now get to watch them as they suffer the sickness they get every time…

There is my exciting week so far…