Yesterday was our 1st day of school.  I had spent the morning preparing.. all rooms are picked up. laundry folded and put away, another load ready to go down, all school materials out .  Anna did her chores.  I have created a very basic schedule.
6-9am – prepare for the day – all rooms picked up, breakfast done, pets taken care of and laundry started
9-12 – school.  mostly seatwork type stuff
12 – lunch
1-3 hands on school
3-6 – afternoon cleaning chores as well as preparing for dinner

I had an appt at 1 so I knew we were not going to be doing much in the afternoon.

well.. let’s see.

I did all the morning stuff and felt great.. When it came time for school we started with reading.. oh my word.  Anna was so not interested because there were no pictures (newer books).. She couldn’t answer half of my questions.  I stopped alot and tried to make it totally interesting.. she was fidgity and ugh.. it wasn’t pretty..

Then we did some simple exercises..

Then Math.  1 page was all she did.. usually she does 2 pages in about 30 min.. 1 page=1 hour.. totally not kidding!

so then we go over what fiction/non fiction, biography/autobiography, then move to phonics..
4 pages = about 45 min!  totally not normal for her.. ok..


Shared some dried apples, which she did not like.. talked about preserviing foods like laura’s ma did.

Then read to daddy.. My daughter forgot how to read.. (3 weeks of no school and she forgot how to read??? )  ahhhhh!!!!

ok.. let’s do the grizzly bear worksheet.. we have a great picture book from the library.. she answered questions, describe the bear.. I wrote it on scrap (in her words) she wrote it on the paper.. lifespan, habitat, diet, etc.  But we were not able to finish.. time to go to my appt.  made her a quick tuna sandwich and rushed out the door.

I have been having to send my aids in alot to be fixed.. also can not hear out of my right aid.. we talk about my strange earwax (oily) and the damage it is causing, best way to clean it etc.  Then he went to adjust my aids so he hooked me up to the computer and did a hearing test.  my hearing has shifted.. the left slightly, the right was significant.  my aids are now at maximum.. so I am slightly losing my hearing more.  He wants to see me back in 2 months.

then we head to the store.. pick up some things needed for schooling this week.  Couldn’t find pork fat so can’t make lard or cracklings.. 😦 (yes I am weird)..

Come home , call oil company, we can still get in a prepaid fixed rate (min 500 gallons) for the price of 4.39 a gal.  yikes.. but needs to be done.  Angel ran down to sign the contract..

I put away the food and other items..then started writing this.. I am tired and want to go back to bed!  sigh.. but the day must continue.. I will keep pushing on..

guess I will cut up the meat and make some cantonese noodles for dinner, possibly fold a load of clothes and get anna to work on her after noon chores.. but first maybe a 30 min nap… hmm

angel came back.. contract done.. whew.. he is now running out to get the scooter tuned or something, it is thundering here but no rain (yet). I think I will go and lay down..

well angel came home because it started  I laid down, he came in , anna came in.. suddenly the next thing I know they are doing shadow puppets, daddy’s hand crushing anna’s anna laughing and jumping all over the bed.. finally they left and I slept a little bit.  I am up now.. looks like we are doing a fend for yourself dinner.. which is fine with me.  (stomach not doing well..probably from cheeseburgers at mcd’s on the way to hearing aid place)..

made pb and jelly sandwiches for dinner.. Anna and I started talking more about food preservation.  We talked about the jam and what would happen if we left a strawberry on the pantry shelf for a month.. but the jam is ok.. then we did a yeast experiment.

We took iced cold water, hot boiling water, and room temperature water.. and added yeast to each one.


The yeast (or bacteria) grows fast in room temperature (the reason we have to refridgerate our food..) Anna really liked this.. the only thing that confused her was the salted fish .. Ma salted the fish and it was stored in the pantry.. we had some salted codfish so I showed her.. she was a tad confused and said.. so we put salt on our food (at the table) so we won’t get sick!

Even though it was a rough start.. I think it was a good day.. she was able to get all her necessary items done and learned a bit little house style.  We will see how today goes..


and I leave you with a pic of a precious baby boy!