For school Tuesday we did something different, we did a children’s devotional then Anna did exercises off a kids program on demand (the one thing I will miss about cable).  After that we just read a section of Little house.. then talked about it.. then did math.

After Math, we read another section which was about ma’s chores, we talked about her chores and our chores.. and how laura loved churning days and baking days.

Then we moved to phonics

so we just kept reading sections of the book and talking or doing some things that pertained to it.  We also sang yankee doodle, read a book about it and watched james cagney perform it on the computer (which anna had to get out her tap shoes and dance  we also watched a bear catch salmon on youtube and found out what he does when his ears get (they don’t like wet ears).  Oh and looked up some pretty pictures of frost on the glass (Laura talks about Jack frost in this chapter.. )

she did some reading, and colored a pic of a bulldog to make it brindle (after we looked up what that was), and we had lunch

after lunch anna helped me make bread and butter..


blurry pic of anna straining the buttermilk out of the butter..


one loaf got so tall it hit the electric grate on the top of the oven.


yum.. just had to have a slice of warm bread..


the bread and butter took all afternoon and we read some more of the chapter.  she also did another page of reading and helped me clean up..somewhat.

Everything came out great.. including dinner, cantonese noodles.. oh and I made applesauce bran muffins this morning too.. can I just say .. I rocked!  lol.


Today I am sitting here with my homemade bread toasted and my homemade butter.. and drinking raspberry tea.  I can’t help it .. my bread never comes out so I am very happy right now.