BFS Assignment #100 – Oh What a Feeling!
Assignment: Take time this week to write about YOU and your feelings of trials and triumphs with homeschooling.  Touch on when you first heard about the concept of home schooling and whether you tip-toed into the idea or just jumped in and never looked back.  Share your schooling as a child and how you compare it to what your goals are for your children.
Picture ideas: Box Day!  / First Day of School / School Room / Book Shelves / Yourself
Homeschooling started slowly for me.  Being a single mom, I didn’t wish to send my child off to the unknown.. It started with just teaching him the basics all moms teach.. then I bought some K4 materials instead of sending him to school.  I loved the thought of sending him to our church academy but could not afford it.  The children in the neighborhood used to come over to play with David.  We lived in subsidized housing at the time.  One boy whom I adored was the oldest of like 5 kids.. I asked him about school once and he didn’t really wish to talk about it.  He was a shy boy but just very nice and well mannered.  Another boy told me they were in the same class.  He said that the kids all picked on this boy and even the teacher called him stupid in front of the class.  I was just mortified.  There was much more also but I had already known at this point that I would not trust any teacher to my child.  I know there are many teachers wonderful teachers out there (I had some of the best!)  but I felt like I was playing russian roulette.  So the following year I started teaching David at home.
It was tough.. we used ABEKA because that what my church friends all knew.. the kids took it at the academy.  I did not have a computer at the time.  I knew nothing.  I absolutely loved it when David caught on to reading.. once that happened.. he flew.. the books were too simple and boring so we used the library alot.  He also loved to write stories.. but I was always in teacher mode and corrected them.. it was very discouraging for him.
When I married for the first time.. David was going into the 5th grade.  We were moving to CT where hubby lived at the time.  David really wanted go to public school.  I finally agreed to let him.  His first year was extremely tough.  The teacher was not a good match.. He was put into a 5/6 grade class and they were doing mixed work.. He really struggled with alot of the demands put on him.  I was not allowed to help.  I was strictly told at a PTO meeting that I could not help him with his homework and it had to be done the way the teacher demonstrated.  Math was always an issue for him and I was not allowed to show him other ways to solve the math equations.  It got really difficult.. every meeting started with “david does not”  David really dreaded it and I just didn’t know what to do for him.
6th grade.. He was supposed to have the same teacher (5/6 grade class) however, she moved on.  The new teacher was marvelous.  The first time I met him I cringed when he called my name.. I was expecting a “david does not”  instead I got a “David does a great job with”  “David is wonderful at” and so on.  Our first parent teacher meeting he didn’t only talk to us.. he talked to david.. “David, you are doing wonderful work in..”  Then after all the good he said.. “David what do you think you are struggling with?”  “How do you think we can make this better?”  He was a marvelous wonderful teacher.. and david even thought he struggled still..started to gain back alot of his confidence again.
The following years of middle and high school was a mixtures of teachers and experiences.. good and bad.. he struggled alot.  He ended up quitting school at the age of 18.  I was deeply saddened.
During the time of 6th grade Annaleah as born.  I continued to work in various school areas as a volunteer for the next two years even though David was no longer a student.  I had every intention of sending anna to school at this time.  then one year hubby said.. homeschool anna.  I was excited.. I was going to be able to teach my daughter to love learning!
Now with the world of internet and homeschool conventions.. there is soo much out there.  I am schooling way different than the first time.  It is very exciting and challenging.  But rewarding as well.. there are some days when anna wants to wiz through more pages then required.. and some that are filled with questions and us searching online and in encyclopedias for information.
As for David, he is a smart kid who loves to read.  He can retain so much information.  He has always been a vocal person.. and can share all of what he has learned with anyone who asks.. I remember once in grade school they had a debate.. can not remember what it was or where he stood on the issues.. but at the end of the discussion.. the majority of the kids were in his corner.  I can only hope and pray that someday he will be able to accomplish what he really desires.  He has shared some of those desires with me and I know that he can really do it if he puts his mind to it.
School for me as a child.. I loved school.  I loved learning.  I loved my teachers.. however, I did not like the social aspect as a child.  I was sick alot.. and made fun of, threatened, etc.  I was very very shy.  I lost 60% of my hearing in 2nd grade.  That was the hardest year for me.  I remember a boy who would play with me when we visited his home.. (mom’s friends child) but then point and laugh the next day at school.  so I would only focus on my work and nothing else.  It got a bit better as the years went on.. I would also have 1 or 2 friends at each school.. but that was all.  My fave school was in North Windham, CT.  When I got there I was so afraid .. the teacher and the entire class was soo incredibly nice!  I don’t remember a mean kid at all.  Imagine boys pulling out all the chairs for the girls to sit during circle time.. the kids respected their teachers.. the teachers were so friendly and wonderful.  In Jr. High the only school that stands out was the one in Daytona beach with all the riots and such.  However, I was not mistreated at that time anymore.. I was more protected by the ones that I did know.  “she doesn’t smoke, she doesn’t drink, ”  I never even had to say no to drugs.. someone else always did for me.  However, I do remember one girl hated me .. but I couldn’t for the life of me figure out why.  My parents even invited her over to get us to get along.. but next day she was not the kind girl that was in my home.  Highschool was hard.. it was horrible.. the set up and everyting.  my schedule was messed up so I ended up missing so many weeks of english (where he was teaching latin?!?)  and my French 2 class was listening to recordings of actual french people talking .. so me and my hearing loss, not hearing recordings very well at all.. also had to distinguish the accent of french without reading lips.. It was a horrid year .. and other than the D I got in the 9th grade for the first time ever.. and cried.. My grades at the high school was horrifying.. and I had no friends.. I gave up.. right before christmas I quit school.
My goals for Annaleah is to have a love for learning.  I want her to be able to learn on her own with experiences and research.  To have that desire to know how things work and not be afraid to reach for whatever goals she has.  Someone says something about the social aspect.. my child is not shy (don’t let her fool you) especially around other kids.. she can go to mc d’s playscape and run around with any children there.. she makes friends so easily (total opposite of me).  One day there were no girls so she played with all the boys there!  (kinda scared me! LOL.. i didn’t talk to strange boys as a kid!)
Some pics from the first week of school..
first day of school
yeast experiment while talking about bacteria
making bread and butter like Ma did on little house
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dissecting owl pellets as we learn about owls.