OK.. I am tired.. but will post pics of our week and explain a bit..

Wednesday we made hasty pudding like Laura’s grandma did..


Anna is sprinking in the cornmeal while I am stirring..


The end result.. it was really good with maple syrup.. I had it for breakfast the next day.  Anna wasn’t too sure.. said it was alright but didn’t have more than a taste..

Then we made cracklings and lard


We diced up the fat


and put in 1/2 cup of water and let it simmer for about 40 min..


after the water was gone we turned it up a bit and it started to cook more.  I didn’t take after pics.. I will do that tomorrow.

Ethan spent a few days with us.. and he does not like to leave my lap..lol.


So Anna got my hotdog for me..


Just the way I like it.. with mayo!


She is such a great helper!

Anna started ballet and tap again this week.. so the weekend we spent running around.  Sunday after church and a bit of shopping, while I was packing up all the meat for the freezer,

Angel made dinner..



Now this is not an easy feat.. he has to cut everything up in strips, cook the rice, heat up the stone pot.. prep the sauce and put it all together..


This is what it looks like after we mix it all up with the sauce.. it was sooo good.

In case you want to know.. it had rice, spinach, carrots, cukes, onions, sprouts, sliced beef, and an egg.

After dinner Angel did all the dishes.. I was spoiled!