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Well, as I sit here.. in the complete dark (we ran out of candy!  shocking!) I decided to put up pics.. they are not too great but I know some friends are waiting..

I tried to be creative..

see, Annaleah, wanted to be sailor moon..

If you don’t know her.. here she is



Well, since it is a Japanese thing.. there is was no way I was gonna find a costume here in the USA.. and online.. umm.. not for 80.00 and more.. no way.. so I tried to get creative..

the wig
after trying to figure this out for awhile I decided to just knit a hat.. seriously, I could think of no other way.. so here is a hat with pony tails and bangs.. and I glued a bunch of foam and wrapped it in gold ribbon..   anna said she needed wings too.. sigh..


there.. foam wings.. (please don’t mind the mess.)

The heart compact  (foam and gems and gold ribbon)

neckace, I had no clue how I was doing this!  I spray painted a foam and stuck push pins in it with beads.. hey, it worked..


boots were gonna be tricky… so I took her old cowboy boots and hot glued pink fleece around it ..the plan was to take the rest of the fleece and wrap it around the boots and leg with velcro attached.

and finally .. had to add some pink to her gloves..


Daddy had to work on her bow.. but ran into a problem.. we ran out of material.. when he left to get some more today.. the van broke down!  so.. we had to use what we had..

here it is all put together.. now  this is not the best pic.. but at least I had a happy girl..


the wand was found by my friend at the goodwill.. it is a an actual sailor moon sceptor!  shocking!  she just found it this week!

Some more poses sailor moon style..



Now I warned her that no one is gonna know who she is .. well surprisingly.. some of the treaters did!  They even met a man dressed as Naruto (another anime character) who was happy to know someone would recognize him!

so there concludes our night.. I have just raided some delicious chocolates from anna’s stash (she is not a candy lover) and angel is bringing us home some chinese food on his moped.

I hope to catch up here soon.. there is alot that has been going on..


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