About two years ago, I wanted to learn to knit.. so I went to mom.. She showed me what to do and got me some needles.  Anna picked out yarn and I started to knit her a scarf..

Well, um.. two years later I have finally finished it.. but it didn’t look complete.  So I added some tassels (I think they are called) then decided to learn to knit a hat.. she wanted one with a big pom pom on top.. So with the help of you tube and buying a circular needle that was too long.. (had to go back and buy a smaller one)  I did it.. here is the finished product..


Here is the video I learned with..


Now Anna wants me to knit mittens.. ha ha ha.. ya right!  lol.

However, I am hoping to do a baby blanket soon for a new born precious baby girl!

If you want to learn to knit.. follow this video.. it is in 3 parts.. the next one is shown on the right hand side.. it is awesome.  Anna learned how to knit using these video series..