Today was a pretty good day.  David decided to move out last week so we made the decision to use the spare room once again for a school room / craft room.  So over the weekend I have been moving things in there.. all school books and craft stuff.. along with ethan’s toys.  I originally wanted to go to the goodwill and get a bookcase of some sort.. however, because of van troubles, that couldn’t happen.. we did however, have a shelf in the basement that wasn’t really being used.  so we brought that up, and moved the table that was in anna’s room back (we tried making it a school room after the first time david moved out.. but then he moved back).  Today I continued working in the main rooms.  Yesterday I struggled with getting anna’s room to where we could at least walk to the  when we moved the table and desk we ‘unearthed’ a huge load of she has alot! 
However, today we have a cleared fireplace, what feels like and empty dining room and a decent living room (still hoping for a couch soon!) ..  It definately perked me up a bit to not see clutter everywhere. 
I also managed to take care of angel’s food needs.. let’s just say.. I have not been good in that department.  He has been doing alot of cooking while I have been kinda mopey.  or stressed over the costume!  Today I managed to make him waffles for breakfast (pre-made of course, actually store, tuna sandwiches for lunch and sloppy joes for dinner.  I have got to do better.. yesterday he asked me.. “Do you love me?” of course! i said.. then he replied “then why don’t you ever feed me?”     So not good as a wife.. so must get better..
I did keep up with dishes today and managed to fold about 4 loads of laundry that have been sitting there!  (a huge pet peeve of his!).  I also balanced the checkbook and went through bills.  whew..
tomorrow we are having a last minute craft day with steph and the kids.  should be fun!  Here is what we are making!