It has been so busy around here.. I have not updated much at all.. so I am just going to post some slideshows of what has been going on.  If the slideshows cause page to take forever, let me know and I will send a link..

We recently had to make a really tough decision to give our pups a new home.  With my injury last year, I have not been able to walk them or keep them entertained outdoors.  Poor Angel has been working practically 24/7.  The pups were bored and really causing alot of problems.  It was a really hard decision but it wasn’t fair to them at all.  We can only pray we have found them the best homes possible.  I have gotten some updates and they are both doing fine.  However, we miss them.  On the upside.. Baby is now in the house and enjoying being part of the family again.. after mourning the death of Danny (dog who was her best friend) and then hating these pups.. She is finally starting to get back to normal.  We just have to get her to start using the litterbox.. She is old and having issues with it.  We decided we will not get another dog or cat until Baby is gone.. she deserves to live the rest of her life peacefully.

We had to take a ton of pics of the pups before they left.  Rascal left first and Naruto missed him.  He did however find a new friend as you will see in this slideshow.  He also loved being spoiled and sleeping with us in the big bed.. what a happy and good boy he was that night.



Next slideshow.. Anna is sewing a Rag doll and she got to go panning for Gold.



Apple Picking with friends


Some shots of Ethan



Autumnfest weekend with the neices!



I was shocked that anna chose rock climbing over pony rides.. we didn’t have the money for both.. here are some videos of anna.. she did awesome!

Unfortunately she got scared .. then needed some help.. she is 42lbs and they had said 40 was the minimum..

Now Jade’s turn.. I am proud.. there is no way that would be me up there!