I was hoping to share about my wonderful time with some of my online friends in Virginia.  We were there for a wedding and visit.  We drove back home Monday morning..

It was a long drive.. at 1:30 am we had only 30 minutes left.. and I even said it out loud.. I remember a song came on the radio.. it was a catchy tune.. called I’m yours… We were driving on 95 north.. 5 car lane I believe.. we were in the right lane .. it was dark.. suddenly I saw a deer’s head, right in the front left hand side of the van.. I screamed..

We hit the deer.. glass shattered all over angel..from his window,  front left side of van is damaged.. as well as the door.  Anna slept thru the entire thing.. We didn’t know what to do. the smell was awful and it was so dark that the deer was getting hit over and over again.. it was horrible and I was in tears.  I am so glad anna wasn’t awake as she would have seen that poor deer, hit over and over.  Angel believes it was dead instantly.. which I am grateful.

We were there about 30 minutes, moving glass, looking at the damage, and trying to figure out what to do.. I had my prepaid cell but we didn’t know who to call.. we debated 911 but decided that wasn’t an option since no person was in a life or death situation.. (after talking so someone I realize we could have called 911)  so I called my dad.. he told us to go home and call.  So we did.. it was so cold we really wanted to get anna into a warm house.  The deer at this point (was not whole) and was now in the light so cars were avoiding her.  Angel had debated trying to pull her to the side.. but trucks were just going by fast and I was afraid they wouldn’t see him!

It was a slow 30 min home as angel didn’t want to hit another deer (we live in the country).  It was also freezing cold.. so I had been trying to cover anna up with a blanket I was crocheting.. When we got home we called a few places til we finally had the right police to call.. and talked to them.. they had said if we called on the road then they would have come out and checked out the damage and made sure we got home safely.  But since we were already home and ok, they would go to the scene and make sure the deer was out of the way.  they then said we could file a report with our insurance and that was it.

we of course, started to feel really guilty for leaving.. but on the other side.. I can’t imagine sticking around in the cold weather when we had no coats.. only jackets.  So I am not sure if we did the right thing or not.

There is no reason to file a claim as we only have the minimum coverage which does nothing for us in this case.

It was very scary but could have been much worse.  Anna could have been covered in glass since she sits right behind Angel.. there were so many could have’s in the entire situation.. I am just thankful the Lord was watching over us..

I have taken some pics.



Tomorrow I will try to post our vacation.. I truly had a wonderful time.