I must start off by saying how wonderful my hubby is.

We were invited to a wedding in VA.  The mother of the bride is a dear online friend from a group I have been a part of for about 7 years. We have all met before and I have shared pics on here the past..

Why is hubby so wonderful.. first we don’t have much money and second.. he had to work.. However, he decided that we were going to go down there regardless..

Friday morning we drove down.  It was a long drive for us because he had gotten a call and we had to pull over in a parking lot for about 1.5 hours so he could get online.  We had the cooler packed with food so we didn’t have to stop too much.. which was great.

We finally got to the hotel around 12:30am.  Poor Anna.. when we arrived she broke down in tears.  She had never been in a hotel before and had some high expectations.. not to mention she was tired…  When asked what the problem was she said she wanted to go home.. she didn’t like the hotel, the walls were ugly and the floor is ugly (her words).  So I cuddled with her on one of the beds and she fell asleep in no time.

One of the biggest concerns were internet access.. we were told it was no problem.. well it was.. he was not able to log on that night. the next morning he went to the office and they fixed it..however, it was still continuing to be a problem..

Now, Roberta was heading to the same hotel but angel needed a more reliable connection.. so he made a call and booked another hotel.  We decided for several reasons that I should stay at the current hotel for 1 more night.  When Roberta checked in she got the next room and we had a door between our rooms.. which thrilled anna!

After getting ready we all headed to the wedding.. Which was beautiful!  I wasn’t able to take many good pics but I will share what I have.

Congrats to Elya and Kyle!

For some reason my camera was really acting funny.. got alot of blurry shots.

Don’t mind the noise.. it does that when we zoom in or out.. weird..lol

Elya’s Dad performed the ceremony
Elya’s sister, Jana

What’s left of the cake
anna wanted to take all these balloons home!

I wish I had gotten pics of the tables.. they were absolutely lovely.  The food was awesome!

The Joyful Ladies – me, Roberta, Debi, Evangeline (mother of the bride) and Debbie

After the wedding we headed back to the hotel to change up.  Angel went to his hotel for a nap and Roberta and I headed to Debi to join the ladies there.  It was great to be with the ladies.. we also talked about crocheting and knitting.. and many other things.  Roberta and I were exhausted, and so were our girls..so we made a quick trip to evangeline’s house then headed to the hotel for bed..

of course when I got there I was awake again.. angel called around 1:30 to tell me he was coming to get us at 6am.. yikes!  so I woke at 5 and started packing up.  thankfully he didn’t come til after 7.. whew.. and I got to chat with Roberta again before she hit the road.

the 2nd hotel was definately much nicer.. So we just kinda vegged there for the day.


Annaleah and I playing Uno at the hotel


come on.. smile anna!

Daddy working.. (poor angel worked from 8pm Saturday night til past 11:30 Sunday night.  He was driving around looking for a store that was open cause he was hungry!

Debi got Anna and I out of the hotel for a bit.. after driving around and site seeing.. we headed back to her place for great food and conversation.
I loved spending time with her kids.. loved watching how they interact with each other.  Loved chatting with the older girls.  Anna also had a blast..

Debi and I .. yes.. It is me.. I rarely put a pic of me on here.. so no more nagging!

We packed up to leave Monday morning.. The trip would not be complete without a visit to Anderson’s Market.

We made sure to pack up lots of goodies and my Peanut butter schmeir!  which is the best!  And of course chat with Evangeline and some family members.

I can’t wait for another trip.. minus Angel having to work and avoiding any deer on the way back would certainly make it perfect.

Thank you ladies for a wonderful time!