Ok.. so I don’t like to be negative here.. but I can’t think of the positives right now.. I am upset.. truly upset..

Angel ordered a part to the van last week.. very small part.. local places don’t have it .. he asked for quick delivery I guess.. not overnighter though.. would be dumb on a 7.00 part..

we waited,
and waited
we were patient
I tried not to complain

Today angel calls
the order was cancelled because they don’t have the part

seriously.. are you kidding me? 

so he has to re-order the same part from anohter site.. that is charging way more and we get the priviledge of waiting longer
what is it.. december 12th..

  • haven’t done serious grocery shopping in over a month
  • we have no tree
  • have no gift for ethan
  • my last hearing aid battery is in my ear.. (should last 3 days)
  • we are living on rice and bread and whatever is in our cupboards..
  • I have seasonal depression and I am ready to freak!
  • I miss my parents
  • I want to see my mom is ok.. (she had an accident a few weeks ago requiring stitches and staples in her head)
  • I want to see my neices
  • I want to get out of here
  • we have paid anotnher month of ballet that Anna has missed about 5 weeks of
  • David is sick with no meds and we can’t even go bring him meds
  • and all this rain prevents angel from even driving his moped..

ok.. were is the good in this.. please share me the good.. I am guessing you would say..

  • we have food
  • we are healthy
  • we have heat

anything else?? cause man this doesn’t feel like enough at the moment..

ok.. venting done..
thanks for listening if you got this far..

Mom, dad.. don’t worry.. We will be fine.. just needed to vent somewhere..

gonna go hug ethan now.. I need his love, cuddles,. kisses and giggles.. I think he is in the sharing mood..

oh wait.. he stinks.. guess I need to change his diaper first.. then get some love..