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I had an awesome blessing 2 weeks ago(man time flies!).  It was a Saturday, I had already gone 2 weeks with no hearing aids.. We were heading to ballet and then to pick up Jade and Kaitlyn.  I did not know how I was going to survive the week with them and not hear anything!  Well, as we were getting ready, someone came to the door.. with a package.. my hearing aids!  How awesome was that!  Never has my hearing aids been personally delivered.. and the timing.. Wow.. You just know it was God.. He is so amazing and wonderful!

I had a great week enjoying the girls..and have lots of pics to share.. but for now I am really behind.. so I figure I will post some pics I took before they came over..

I made these for craft day… the cupcakes tasted great.. they were like the outside of a devil dog snack.. the top is only powdered sugar.. My daughter does not like frosting.. Now if I only knew how to make cream for the insides.. yumm..


For another craft day, we made glitter playdoh.. these are some of the creations the kids made.. the one with the dental floss hat just had to be my daughter.. isn’t she  She also made the big bunny.

We got this craft idea from
I really enjoy reading this site.. This mom has lots of cool ideas!

We decided we were done with winter.. so we washed off the winter scene and replaced it with hearts..


We also decided to try out a pretzel recipe..

They turned out great!  David couldn’t keep his hands off them.. the recipe came from

Anna finally lost her top tooth.  Everyone thought it was already gone because it was basically grinded down to nothing.  she used to grind her teeth into the sippy cup when she was a toddler.  now the other top front tooth is lose.. the tooth fairy has been making alot of visits this year..

I am a bit worried about her teeth coming in crooked.. there is just no room for them to grow.  Anyone have any experience with this??

Lately, we have been trying to eliminate tossing leftovers.  I have been stir frying everything.. this particular day I used leftover spam and corn.. lol.  I know it sounds weird, but it was pretty good.

I am hoping to post some pics of the girls vacation here tomorrow.  hopefully I can find the time to do so.


Living in Silence

Is getting quiet lonely!  I know that may sound silly when I have my family here.. but they have even stopped saying too much because they know they will have to repeat it.  To be honest, I have been no better.. I have started to pretend to hear them.. I just nod and smile and hope they are not asking a  The irritating thing is doors.. It constantly sounds like someone is slamming in anger.  The vibrations just make it so much worse in my head.. I have to constantly remind myself, it isn’t them.  It is definitely going to be interesting with my nieces next week..


Yep, I have one.. and I have been finding children I used to babysit.. all grown up now.  Even the kids that grew up with David.  Oh I have been teary eyed just looking.  I am amazed.. some are married, with children.  Some are finishing up their last years of  high school.  These are children that I have watched for years.. but have lost contact since I married Angel and moved out to CT.  Some discoveries have not been so good.  I found out a young girl I used to watch.. died last August.  She was 17.  I sat in front of my laptop and cried.. I had just been looking at pictures of her and the other children.  She has grown to a beautiful young woman.  I am sad I wasn’t able to keep in touch.  Many of my family and relatives know how much the children in my past mean to me.  I am thankful for all the wonderful memories I have. 

If you have a facebook and need a new friend on .. go ahead and look me up.  Just let me know you read my xanga.. I like to know who is on my list. 

Well, I guess I should go back to cleaning Anna’s room.. it is scary in there.. I need to make room for 3-4 girls to sleep there next week.. yikes. 

Wow, an entire month, gone.  completely disappeared.. oops..
Let’s see, what has happened in the month of January..It has been a very emotional month.. filled with sadness, high expectations and higer goals.  Lots of disappointments, and bad news.  Winter also has a major effect of me alone.  I get the blues so easily this time of year.  I can not wait til spring comes around.. even with all the dreaded rain, it is so much better than the icy cold..

I am actually not sure how this post should go to be honest.. guess it will be a bit rambled.. 

Last Friday, we had a bit of a scare.. I noticed we didn’t have any hot water, so Angel went to start up the furnace, he said black soot just backfired and something about flames.. yikes!  Thankfully the Oil Company was out here pretty quick and it was nothing serious.  Apparently something fell into the vent and blocked the air flow.. so thankful we have heat and hot water again. 

On Friday, was also had a nice chat with our Pastor and his wife.  They mentioned a get together (superbowl) after church on Sunday.  I was so looking forward to it.. As you all know by now I don’t get out very often.  I was looking forward to some time with the ladies..

Friday night, after the whole Oil thing.. I went to clean my hearing aids and notice the back was clogged.. so I did what I usually do and cleaned it out.. well, it stopped working.. completely.  I have not been wearing the other aid because apparently my ears have gotten worse on that side and the aid just isn’t doing what it used to.. and it is already set to max..

so, no aids means I can not hear.. nada, nothing.. actually, that is not true .. I hear sounds.. voices.. but no clue where they come from or what is being said..  can’t hear the phone ringing, or anyone knocking on the door.  It is very very frustrating.  Saturday, I went shopping but didn’t speak to anyone.. and got
nervous if angel wasn’t by my side.. I did end up shopping at walmart alone.. and that was pretty easy to be more engrossed in looking at prices than paying attention to anyone around you.. until some guy started talking to me.. he was asking where the bathroom was.. I just told him.. keep walking’ll see it… then quickly moved 

Sunday, I decided to stay home.  Angel didn’t make it to the service becasue he was so tired working all night til 5am.  He has a really hard time getting out of bed on those days.  So he and Anna went to the Pastor’s later.  I am told Anna had a good time.. (aside from her new booboo).. I spent the day going through pictures, playing a game online, chatting a bit, dishes, general cleaning.. you know the drill.  It was quiet.. (lol.. )  Then at 10pm I decided I was bored out of my mind and went to bed.  Anna climbed in around 11pm.. so I got up and asked how much fun they had.. .. then we all just went to sleep.

I was not feeling too good and woke up often.  For dinner I had decided to try to use the artisan dough I had in the fridge and see if I could make some type of pizza turnover.. I rolled it out.. added pepperoni and colby/monteray cheese.. and rolled it up, and baked.. came out really good.. so I had a portion of thinks pepperoni is starting to have a bad effect on me.. not good as I love the stuff. 

There are other things I could share.. but right now.. I hit a blank wall.. guess I will try again tomorrow. 

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