Living in Silence

Is getting quiet lonely!  I know that may sound silly when I have my family here.. but they have even stopped saying too much because they know they will have to repeat it.  To be honest, I have been no better.. I have started to pretend to hear them.. I just nod and smile and hope they are not asking a  The irritating thing is doors.. It constantly sounds like someone is slamming in anger.  The vibrations just make it so much worse in my head.. I have to constantly remind myself, it isn’t them.  It is definitely going to be interesting with my nieces next week..


Yep, I have one.. and I have been finding children I used to babysit.. all grown up now.  Even the kids that grew up with David.  Oh I have been teary eyed just looking.  I am amazed.. some are married, with children.  Some are finishing up their last years of  high school.  These are children that I have watched for years.. but have lost contact since I married Angel and moved out to CT.  Some discoveries have not been so good.  I found out a young girl I used to watch.. died last August.  She was 17.  I sat in front of my laptop and cried.. I had just been looking at pictures of her and the other children.  She has grown to a beautiful young woman.  I am sad I wasn’t able to keep in touch.  Many of my family and relatives know how much the children in my past mean to me.  I am thankful for all the wonderful memories I have. 

If you have a facebook and need a new friend on .. go ahead and look me up.  Just let me know you read my xanga.. I like to know who is on my list. 

Well, I guess I should go back to cleaning Anna’s room.. it is scary in there.. I need to make room for 3-4 girls to sleep there next week.. yikes.