I had an awesome blessing 2 weeks ago(man time flies!).  It was a Saturday, I had already gone 2 weeks with no hearing aids.. We were heading to ballet and then to pick up Jade and Kaitlyn.  I did not know how I was going to survive the week with them and not hear anything!  Well, as we were getting ready, someone came to the door.. with a package.. my hearing aids!  How awesome was that!  Never has my hearing aids been personally delivered.. and the timing.. Wow.. You just know it was God.. He is so amazing and wonderful!

I had a great week enjoying the girls..and have lots of pics to share.. but for now I am really behind.. so I figure I will post some pics I took before they came over..

I made these for craft day… the cupcakes tasted great.. they were like the outside of a devil dog snack.. the top is only powdered sugar.. My daughter does not like frosting.. Now if I only knew how to make cream for the insides.. yumm..


For another craft day, we made glitter playdoh.. these are some of the creations the kids made.. the one with the dental floss hat just had to be my daughter.. isn’t she creative..lol.  She also made the big bunny.

We got this craft idea from http://koreamom.blogspot.com/2009/01/playing-in-snow.html
I really enjoy reading this site.. This mom has lots of cool ideas!

We decided we were done with winter.. so we washed off the winter scene and replaced it with hearts..


We also decided to try out a pretzel recipe..

They turned out great!  David couldn’t keep his hands off them.. the recipe came from http://frantichomecook.com/most-popular/do-the-twist-with-homemade-pretzels/

Anna finally lost her top tooth.  Everyone thought it was already gone because it was basically grinded down to nothing.  she used to grind her teeth into the sippy cup when she was a toddler.  now the other top front tooth is lose.. the tooth fairy has been making alot of visits this year..

I am a bit worried about her teeth coming in crooked.. there is just no room for them to grow.  Anyone have any experience with this??

Lately, we have been trying to eliminate tossing leftovers.  I have been stir frying everything.. this particular day I used leftover spam and corn.. lol.  I know it sounds weird, but it was pretty good.

I am hoping to post some pics of the girls vacation here tomorrow.  hopefully I can find the time to do so.