ok.. so I stink at blogging these days.. sigh..

Just been busy.. busy with schooling, finances, house work, party planning.. my to do list is seriously never ending!

So let’s see..

been working on a new school system.. Read about the workbox system..but there was no way I could fit all the shoeboxes in our dining room.  So after talking with Angel and really thinking about it.. we decided to make this system work for us.. I didn’t have to buy a single thing.


We set up 9 to 12 folders (depending on the work)

Her first folder of the day is her bible reader.. which she loves to read all by herself.

Next is usually her math.  On monday I put her math dvd in to learn her new lesson.
we also put in her reading, explode the code, her reading worksheet, etc..  anything we may need to accomplish..

She loves it when I randomly through in a sudoku puzzle.. a girl after my own heart.


Sometimes she will get to choose what to research.. or maybe write a story using a writing prompt.  On the back of this card there are questions she must answer.  I help her research and then we put her answers on her blog.. www.xanga.com/princess_annaleah


this is her keyboard lessons..

sometimes I will through in a game.. or a recipe for her to make with me.

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when she is done with a folder.. she is to put her folders behind this yellow envelope.. pages she has done goes into the envelope.  Using this system allows her to work independantly and she knows how many more folders she has left.

the stuff in the back of the crates are my folders which hold printables I have gotten from different online sources..

Amazingly, this system is really working for Annaleah.  For some reason she is really enjoying working on it.. no trying to get out of it.  It also doesn’t take long for me to get the folders ready at all.  The other day I had a serious headache.. I moved the envelopes so that only 3 important folders were showing..after she did those I went to bed and she was happy to be done with school.  so it allows us to continue being flexible if we need to.