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So today is the beginning of our homeschool adventures for 2009-2010.    We started off with our schedules.. Mine is posted in my binder.. along with the lessons for the week.


After morning chores, we go to the wall and look at our subject envelopes (thanks Ro for this idea!)


Behind each card is an index card with instructions for today’s lesson.  After a subject is done the front card is flipped to show it has been finished.


Anna is pulling out her instructions for Grammar.


After reading the card she goes to the crate to get her materials..


Our crate is kind of a simplified workbox system.. it worked for us at the end of last year.


each folder contains everything needs for the subjects.  Anna grabs the first folder..


does the work and then puts the fold in the back of the crate.  I make sure it is filled with the next days needed materials.


anna decided she wanted to wear this dress because she said it looks like a uniform.. lol


Hard at work with her spelling.


Putting words in alphabetical order.. on the side is her schedule and her chores.  They are in a page protector so she can mark and wipe off.


To keep the ants out of her skirt.. she has the option of picking an exercise stick to do a quick activity between subjects.  She picked alot from a kids yoga book.


After each subject is completed in a timely manner.. she earns a gem.  This week to help her get used to the many subjects and longer hours.. we are doing 10 gems = 1 prize.  Each week will get higher until we reach a more desired amount.


counting the gems in her jar.


The prize box contains lots of dollar items from the dollar store.. some were broken up (like 2 sheets of stickers in a pack)


Too many choices?? We ended up setting a timer.


Love that smile.

The one thing we didn’t buy because I couldn’t find one I liked.. was a pencil box.. however, I decided to confiscate this from anna’s room.. she had her hair ribbons and such in it.. and it wasn’t working out.  Now it contains her flash cards, coloring pencils, pencils, erasers, sharpener, and exercise sticks.  Worked out great today.  On the side is a card with the different ways to earn gems.

It turned out to be a pretty good day.  The only change I may do is when she starts to moan and complain and go really slow.. I may have to start taking gems for not finishing on time.. (or should I say not trying).. We do have an extra block for any work she was not able to complete.  Today Math was a bit tough so she was able to finish that during the ‘extra’ block.

A funny.  David let bubbles out.. many of you know my cat does not like bubbles.. Bubbles jumped into baby’s bed that anna made her.. and cuddled right next to baby.. baby froze.. she didn’t know what to do.. then she freaked and ran.. it was just too cute.  Sadly we were not able to get a pic in time.  We could only get bubbles sniffing the stuffed cat.


Bubbles is sitting right in Ethan’s lap!!


Been a great day.. but now .. I need a nap!


Today is the first official day of school in the Ramos home. I was up way too late last night (about 1:30 or later) but at 5:37am I woke, before the alarm (which was set to 6am). I had decided already that I was not exercising due to being up late.. however, since the Lord seemed to have woken me up early, it must have been for a reason. I went ahead and did 10 min anyways.. So far, I am on schedule.. as I say this Anna just woke up 15 min early. Looks like we are both rearing to go today.

Daddy read to Anna again last night and she went to sleep on her own again. such a big girl 🙂 I could definitely get used to this. I took that time to get the house picked up, dishes done and bills ready to go out today. Love waking to a clean house. Wish I would keep this up.

I may take some pics of some of the things we are doing today for school. I will try to post them tonight or tomorrow.

Well, I am in shock!  Anna and I have a nighttime routine here.  I read to her, pray, hugs and kisses, and then I hop on her computer, play her music and then just browse, blog or facebook for about 20 – 30  minutes til she is asleep.. then I shut down and leave the room..

Well, We finished our book.  Daddy bought a book that he wanted to read to her.. (ok, yes, that shocked me too!!)  So last night at 9pm.. I said goodnight to Anna, gave kisses.. and Daddy took her to her room to read.  Now I fully expected to have to go in there after daddy was done and hop on her computer til she fell asleep. 

When Angel came out at 9:30.. He informed me that she was tucked in, music playing and lights out.  Umm.. what do you mean.. isn’t she expecting me?  Nope.  Ok, so I was happy about that.. or was I.. cause tears started flowing.. Like seriously.. she isn’t expecting me??  I just looked at angel in disbelief.  I did go and check on her.  She seemed to be laying very still.. no crying sounds or anything.  Me, still in shock..

Well, she made up for it by climbing in my bed at about 4am and then snuggling really close.. which means I didn’t sleep very well.  However, I am sure after a few nights she won’t be doing that.  She told me this morning that Daddy read her a whole chapter.. and she went to sleep on her own. 

My baby never ceases to amaze me.  (Yes, she is 8 but will always be my baby).

Ok.. I have not been getting good sleep..

3 more days til school

So much to do

Yet so tired..


Exercise Sticks..

We are getting ready for school to start next week in the Ramos Home.. Annaleah has had a 6week break and we are anxious to get back to work.  We don’t normally follow the local school schedule except for Jade and Kate’s school break.  That way they can come here for the week. 

This year Annaleah has more work then ever!  We are doing Total Language plus which I think we are going to love!  However, Reading, Spelling Vocabulary and Grammar are all going to take the morning.. and my Anna.. she gets ants in her skirt easily!!  Last year we tried doing things in between work.. say like after Math I would yell.. do 20 jumping jacks.. and she would do it.. she loved it. 

This year I would like to try Exercise sticks.. We will write various exercises on popsicle sticks and whenever she finishes a subject.. she can choose a stick with a short exercise that will help her bursts of energy. 

I would love to get ideas from others out there.. Please share some exercises!!  Thanks! 

I did it.. I woke up at 6am.. finally!!  and then I rode my bike.. only 10 min.. but hey.. I can’t complain.. now I just need to do it again..
Today was a good day.  I was finally able to organize some much needed shelves before we start school.. tomorrow I hope to go through lessons and have the first week ready.  I can hope for that, right?? 

I did however, spend way too much time on facebook.. I had over 100 requests for like applications, hugs, causes, etc.. I usually ignore them til they can not be ignored anymore..  Going through them also meant I played too much.. farmtown, farmville, gardenville (I think), fish world, and oh my word.. Farkle.. that game is not easy on there!  I need to try to pry away.. need to focus on my goals.. but hey, it was fun.. 

Ethan of course is always as adorable as ever.. especially when he tells on Anna.. lol.  He is really getting along with Anna though.. he tried to seek her help when I insisted he had to sit in the chair and eat a bit of dinner.. he reached for her hand and tried to gain her sympathy.. it was working too.. til I said.. after you eat you can have some applesauce ( well sure enough.. that worked.. he got himself a few big spoonfuls of dinner.. a little incentive never hurt anyone..

Well.. today I said I was going to do a trial run of my new schedule.. ha!! who was I kidding.. didn’t help when anna woke me up 2.5 hours after I was supposed to get up. sigh. oh well. We had a nice afternoon with Ethan and the bills got paid. Two very good things.

Annaleah was invited to join this new class in her ballet studio. We are so excited. The class is by approval only and she will be doing drama theater ballet and tap, maybe jazz. She will be performing in small places. She is very excited and I am excited for her. Jazz class will have to wait til next year, which is fine.. we honestly can’t afford four classes and I don’t think 4 hours of dance is good for her right now.. whew.. alot of dancing. But I am so glad she is enjoying it.

I love getting comments.. it means someone is reading!!

Gonna end this early tonight.. however I did post alot of pics on facebook today.. if you are a regular reader and don’t have my facebook, let me know. I would post them here but I am on my daughter’s computer.. pics are on my laptop..

have a great night!

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