But it was nice. I did not do any of the scheduled routines.. but that is ok. I started the puzzle that Abby and David bought me for my birthday. I will not be able to do it once school starts. Watched the newer version of “That Darn Cat” with Annaleah. Then spent most of the day chatting with David and Abby. It was nice.. Tonight we ate Thai food while watching Race to Witch Mountain. Tomorrow must be different. No time to play.. Ethan might be coming around noon so I have work to do. I do best under pressure so it will go well. Anna spent most of the day just chilling out.. enjoying being alone for a change. That will wear off soon enough.

Ok, so now I am staring at the screen, trying to figure out what to write next..hmm..

Oh, Roberta shared a find with me.. and I checked it out.. I love it. Homeschool resources in a toolbar.. with twitter and facebook included. fun!
If you homeschool, you may want to check it out..

Homeschool Toolbar