The forecast called for storms.. but they have not hit. I was so looking forward to it.. even if it only cooled things down for a bit. Seriously, I love summer.. but not without a pool. Ethan came over today and his mommy bought a pool for our house.. a little blow up pool, with a slide and a sprinkler in it.. so I promptly went to work after lunch.. well the electric pump broke while I was trying to get it blown up.. so no choice but my own breath.. two kids desperate for water play.. I had to sacrifice..

I blew up the first few sections.. easy.. now it was time for the base of the entire thing.. I must have tried for an hour.. started to realize something just wasn’t right.. oh wait.. this spot anna found and I told her it was for hte hose.. umm.. nope.. I needed to seal it before I could blow into the base.. seriously.. I was so embarrassed.. thankfully I was only around little children!! After it was done they had a blast.. however, they did play in buckets of water while I was blowing it up.. so they were already cooling off a bit.. but they did love that pool!