Well.. today I said I was going to do a trial run of my new schedule.. ha!! who was I kidding.. didn’t help when anna woke me up 2.5 hours after I was supposed to get up. sigh. oh well. We had a nice afternoon with Ethan and the bills got paid. Two very good things.

Annaleah was invited to join this new class in her ballet studio. We are so excited. The class is by approval only and she will be doing drama theater ballet and tap, maybe jazz. She will be performing in small places. She is very excited and I am excited for her. Jazz class will have to wait til next year, which is fine.. we honestly can’t afford four classes and I don’t think 4 hours of dance is good for her right now.. whew.. alot of dancing. But I am so glad she is enjoying it.

I love getting comments.. it means someone is reading!!

Gonna end this early tonight.. however I did post alot of pics on facebook today.. if you are a regular reader and don’t have my facebook, let me know. I would post them here but I am on my daughter’s computer.. pics are on my laptop..

have a great night!