I did it.. I woke up at 6am.. finally!!  and then I rode my bike.. only 10 min.. but hey.. I can’t complain.. now I just need to do it again..
Today was a good day.  I was finally able to organize some much needed shelves before we start school.. tomorrow I hope to go through lessons and have the first week ready.  I can hope for that, right?? 

I did however, spend way too much time on facebook.. I had over 100 requests for like applications, hugs, causes, etc.. I usually ignore them til they can not be ignored anymore..  Going through them also meant I played too much.. farmtown, farmville, gardenville (I think), fish world, and oh my word.. Farkle.. that game is not easy on there!  I need to try to pry away.. need to focus on my goals.. but hey, it was fun.. 

Ethan of course is always as adorable as ever.. especially when he tells on Anna.. lol.  He is really getting along with Anna though.. he tried to seek her help when I insisted he had to sit in the chair and eat a bit of dinner.. he reached for her hand and tried to gain her sympathy.. it was working too.. til I said.. after you eat you can have some applesauce (pudding..lol).. well sure enough.. that worked.. he got himself a few big spoonfuls of dinner.. a little incentive never hurt anyone..