Exercise Sticks..

We are getting ready for school to start next week in the Ramos Home.. Annaleah has had a 6week break and we are anxious to get back to work.  We don’t normally follow the local school schedule except for Jade and Kate’s school break.  That way they can come here for the week. 

This year Annaleah has more work then ever!  We are doing Total Language plus which I think we are going to love!  However, Reading, Spelling Vocabulary and Grammar are all going to take the morning.. and my Anna.. she gets ants in her skirt easily!!  Last year we tried doing things in between work.. say like after Math I would yell.. do 20 jumping jacks.. and she would do it.. she loved it. 

This year I would like to try Exercise sticks.. We will write various exercises on popsicle sticks and whenever she finishes a subject.. she can choose a stick with a short exercise that will help her bursts of energy. 

I would love to get ideas from others out there.. Please share some exercises!!  Thanks!