Today is the first official day of school in the Ramos home. I was up way too late last night (about 1:30 or later) but at 5:37am I woke, before the alarm (which was set to 6am). I had decided already that I was not exercising due to being up late.. however, since the Lord seemed to have woken me up early, it must have been for a reason. I went ahead and did 10 min anyways.. So far, I am on schedule.. as I say this Anna just woke up 15 min early. Looks like we are both rearing to go today.

Daddy read to Anna again last night and she went to sleep on her own again. such a big girl 🙂 I could definitely get used to this. I took that time to get the house picked up, dishes done and bills ready to go out today. Love waking to a clean house. Wish I would keep this up.

I may take some pics of some of the things we are doing today for school. I will try to post them tonight or tomorrow.