So today is the beginning of our homeschool adventures for 2009-2010.    We started off with our schedules.. Mine is posted in my binder.. along with the lessons for the week.


After morning chores, we go to the wall and look at our subject envelopes (thanks Ro for this idea!)


Behind each card is an index card with instructions for today’s lesson.  After a subject is done the front card is flipped to show it has been finished.


Anna is pulling out her instructions for Grammar.


After reading the card she goes to the crate to get her materials..


Our crate is kind of a simplified workbox system.. it worked for us at the end of last year.


each folder contains everything needs for the subjects.  Anna grabs the first folder..


does the work and then puts the fold in the back of the crate.  I make sure it is filled with the next days needed materials.


anna decided she wanted to wear this dress because she said it looks like a uniform.. lol


Hard at work with her spelling.


Putting words in alphabetical order.. on the side is her schedule and her chores.  They are in a page protector so she can mark and wipe off.


To keep the ants out of her skirt.. she has the option of picking an exercise stick to do a quick activity between subjects.  She picked alot from a kids yoga book.


After each subject is completed in a timely manner.. she earns a gem.  This week to help her get used to the many subjects and longer hours.. we are doing 10 gems = 1 prize.  Each week will get higher until we reach a more desired amount.


counting the gems in her jar.


The prize box contains lots of dollar items from the dollar store.. some were broken up (like 2 sheets of stickers in a pack)


Too many choices?? We ended up setting a timer.


Love that smile.

The one thing we didn’t buy because I couldn’t find one I liked.. was a pencil box.. however, I decided to confiscate this from anna’s room.. she had her hair ribbons and such in it.. and it wasn’t working out.  Now it contains her flash cards, coloring pencils, pencils, erasers, sharpener, and exercise sticks.  Worked out great today.  On the side is a card with the different ways to earn gems.

It turned out to be a pretty good day.  The only change I may do is when she starts to moan and complain and go really slow.. I may have to start taking gems for not finishing on time.. (or should I say not trying).. We do have an extra block for any work she was not able to complete.  Today Math was a bit tough so she was able to finish that during the ‘extra’ block.

A funny.  David let bubbles out.. many of you know my cat does not like bubbles.. Bubbles jumped into baby’s bed that anna made her.. and cuddled right next to baby.. baby froze.. she didn’t know what to do.. then she freaked and ran.. it was just too cute.  Sadly we were not able to get a pic in time.  We could only get bubbles sniffing the stuffed cat.


Bubbles is sitting right in Ethan’s lap!!


Been a great day.. but now .. I need a nap!