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I think I mentioned that when I woke up yesterday around 4 and came out of my room, I discovered Anna was awake.  She had all her chores done by 7am.. and sat here and watched something.  School starts at 9.  It was mostly tests and reviews in each subject.  When I looked at her at 8:30..she was passed out in the chair.  So I sent her to bed til noon.  At noon, she wouldn’t budge.. fine.  I can’t make her takes tests like that.  So, I decided to wait longer.  She literally did not wake up til after Ethan came… (Definitely not a good time for school).  So today, Saturday, she will be taking her tests.  We also had her sleep with us (so now my back kills!).. just to make sure she stayed in bed, which she did although she had a difficult time falling asleep.  Wonder what is going on??  Can it be a growth spurt effecting her sleep? 


Sometimes this is how my mind works..

  • I am up
  • too early
  • sigh
  • I came out of my room to discover
  • Anna is awake also..
  • is it in the air
  • Ethan has a boo boo
  • he fractured his wrist
  • poor boy
  • yesterday he demanded, after a long time trying to play with some off the toys
  • Meemaw, I want my boo boo off
  • He is wearing a splint
  • and it is a bit frustrating for him
  • Yesterday was day 9 of watching carbs in my diet
  • It helped the swelling in my feet
  • feels great
  • We have been watching some of the show premieres lately
  • House is one of them
  • we finally caught up on Netflix, just in time. 
  • Of course we are also watching an Asian Drama
  • Corner with Love
  • Liking it alot so far. 
  • School is a bit of a struggle these days
  • but we are getting there
  • the new system is definitely helping
  • hmm
  • what else
  • Oh!
  • still no hearing aids
  • yesterday this little box came in the mail
  • we got tired of waiting and ordered an amplifier
  • for backup
  • it is a little box you wear
  • plug in headphones
  • and it amplifies the sounds around it
  • it was a bit echoy?? 
  • ok.. that isn’t a word
  • it echos
  • that is better
  • but it is better than not hearing at all
  • I could hear ethan yesterday
  • he was so cute
  • especially when he looked at Baby (the cat) and said
  • She is so cute
  • However, it was interesting that I could hear him chewing the carrot
  • the box makes me feel like I am back in elementary school
  • North Windham, CT
  • they provided me with an fm system
  • I wore the box and the teacher wore the microphone
  • you are thinking,
  • they must have made fun of you in school. 
  • Nope
  • Kids were great.. they loved it
  • and fought over the microphone at recess
  • they all wanted to play with me
  • Unfortunately, I was only there for two grades
  • and no other school would do that for the students
  • it made a huge difference to actually hear the teacher.
  • Ok, think I am done talking
  • Maybe I will go check out my facebook zoo
  • and clean up
  • hubby ate a bit apparently
  • cause I seem to remember washing all the dishes
  • sigh
  • have a great day!

There is a strange person in my house.. seriously.. she got up at like 3 am.. and basically played in her room.. I came out of my bedroom at 6:45 and she was doing her chores.  Now she is doing mine while I sit here.  Seriously, who is she and where is my daughter. 

For the past few nights she has been waking in the middle of the night and going on her computer.  After the second night of this, Daddy set up her internet to shut off at certain times so she can not access online sites.  However, that apparently has not deterred her in any way.  Now she is washing off my living room table.. This is getting freaky! 

Still crazy around here, and still living in silence.  I will get this school routine down.. it isn’t too horrible, just anna has been slow at math.. she took two hours yesterday!  Yike!  She had to finish up school with Ethan here.

Thursday morning Anna wakes up to tell me that she has spent the night watching movies, playing sims and eating cheese.. no wonder I found her bedroom light on this morning.  I asked her this morning when she woke if she has been up all night partying again.. She laughed her little giggle.. I think she was a wee bit to tired to attempt that again.

Last night she came home from Tap and Ballet really excited.. She was thrilled because there is a new girl in class.  She thinks her name is Cassandra (one of my favorite ever!)  She told me that she helped her new friend with some of the dance moves and she liked her so much they held hands almost the whole time.  After class she said her teacher came up to her and gave her a praise.  She held her hands and told her she was very proud of her.  It was a nice thing to do and it is a very important part to being a dancer.  Angel said he saw the whole thing.  That was a very big moment for Anna.

This past weekend we celebrated my grams 91st birthday.  It was so awesome to see her again, yet so sad in a way.  My gram was the spunkiest thing ever.. now age is getting to her.  It was hard for me to fight back tears.. at one point I almost lost it.. but thankfully I made it through the day.  Warning!  There is alot of pics in this post.. So I apologize if you are on dial up.

w202596767 (1)
On our way to see Nana.. (umm, Jade?? is your seat belt on?!?!)


Of course, when we arrive, the kids get a tour of the farm.

and my camera since I didn’t go along.



Ethan liked this little dog.

Hi Kate!

Uncle Chris worked hard to get to know Ethan

We talked alot of how he looks like David

There is my Grams and my mom.

Yummy!  Ice cream!



Are we sharing secrets over there??

Ethan helping Nana open a gift.

After Ethan ran away with it.. we finally got him to give it back.. he kept saying.. that is my daddy!!

I think she likes it.

No clue what everyone was smiling at.. down side to living in silence.

I miss the days when Uncle Chris hung with us kids..

Playing in the grass

Come get me!

Here I come!

Hanging with my cousin Dennis

This dog just loved playing with that ball.

Coming back from a trip to the chicken coop

Pretty girl

Love that smile!

Ethan’s expressions are so cute!!

Uncle Chris finally got Ethan to hang with him a bit.

starting a campfire

Getting closer.. as you notice Uncle Chris isn’t quite touching him yet..

Uh oh.. someone got too close!  “Mee Maw!!!”

Ok, a little scary there, no wonder!


Jade took the pics below.. she takes awesome pictures.


fire died out






Goofing around..

wait.. ice cream again??  Didn’t you just have some?


Ice cream boy.. Yes, he did eat actual food also

just lovely Anna

Not you too Kate!






Nana got ice cream too..


Who’s taking my picture?

started to rain..

Last trip to the animals


Tuckered out..

Heading home.

Crazy week.. especially in regards to school.. Let’s see.. Monday was going to be a school day here.  Not like we do anything special anyways.. but daddy complained so Anna had the pleasure of no school.  To be honest, I am glad.  It was a busy weekend so it was nice to just have a day of nothing. 

However, since then.. we have not been getting up on time in the mornings.. the amazing thing is we are still getting school done.  Whoo hoo!!  and at a reasonable time.  I suppose that means our schedule is giving us plenty of time to get the work done.. and I was worried it was going to restrict too much.  I was so wrong. 

This weekend is my gram’s birthday.  She is going to be 91 years old.  We have not seen her since Mother’s Day of 08.  On Saturday, we are going to pick up my mom and neices, and then drive all the way to my aunts to surprise my gram.  Should be great.  Although I will be a bit concerned for Angel since he has to work Saturday night.. he is going to be tired.  He works til about 4-6am in the morning.. Hopefully we can get home in time for him to take a nap.  He will be driving about 5 hours altogether.  I treasure him.. he isn’t complaining one bit. 

I am such a procrastinator though.  I have not thought of anything to get my gram.  She doesn’t need material items.  She is living with my aunt.  She is also losing her eyesight so regular pics are hard for her to look at.  So over the weekend, I thought about having a shirt made.. with pics of her great grandkids and her great great grandson.  So on Sunday I worked on a picture collage using  Finally got one I liked.. read that Walmart could do a rush delivery.. I would pay extra.. umm.. nope.. doesn’t work on the sweatshirt.. sigh.     So I did some research and decided to go for making my own.. using photo iron on transfers.. read all the reviews and last night we finally headed over to A.C. Moore.  Found the transfers.. but no sweatshirts.. They only have t-shirts and it is getting cold.. So we go to Walmart.. they have to have them right.. heck, everyone is wearing jackets now.. it is cold! 

So we walk into Walmart.. oh my word.. it was a disaster.. Half the place looked empty.. not of people, shelves, gone.. major changes in store.. all womans clothes were moved to another area.. and it was jammed together.. I walked through 3 times.. no sweatshirts.. sigh.   Well, I guess it is a good thing I bought a little bag for back-up.. hope she likes the bag.. Hope I don’t mess it up! 

Anna started her first day of ballet and tap for the year.  ballet shoes too tight, tap shoes too big.. lol.  we are gonna have to make a trip to payless. 

Busy, Busy.. that has been life these days.  Sunday, we were able to go to a family cookout.  It was awesome to be able to sit and talk with family that we have not seen in years.  There were a few we had not seen in almost 21 years!  Wish I had pics, but I was sitting and chatting.  I took some with my camera but they were not the best quality. 

Things have been very hectic around here.. I will try to post very soon..

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