I think I mentioned that when I woke up yesterday around 4 and came out of my room, I discovered Anna was awake.  She had all her chores done by 7am.. and sat here and watched something.  School starts at 9.  It was mostly tests and reviews in each subject.  When I looked at her at 8:30..she was passed out in the chair.  So I sent her to bed til noon.  At noon, she wouldn’t budge.. fine.  I can’t make her takes tests like that.  So, I decided to wait longer.  She literally did not wake up til after Ethan came… (Definitely not a good time for school).  So today, Saturday, she will be taking her tests.  We also had her sleep with us (so now my back kills!).. just to make sure she stayed in bed, which she did although she had a difficult time falling asleep.  Wonder what is going on??  Can it be a growth spurt effecting her sleep?