So many things happening here. 

Today I get my hearing aids back!!  After 4 weeks.. they decided to redo the amplifier inside the aids.. I am praying this solves my ‘liquid like wax” problem.  It would have been nice if they had told me they were going to be holding the aids longer than normal.  I can not tell you how excited I will be to hear normal again! 

Annaleah is taking an extra dance class called “Kid’s in Motion” this year.  She was invited to join and we were thrilled.  This class will be performing in small venues throughout the year.  Her first performance is this weekend at a school’s “Italian Night”.   They will be doing a scarecrow dance.  I can’t wait to see.  I loved seeing her perform on stage two years ago.  (Her studio only does their big performance once every 2 years.. much easier on the finances for us!).  I will make sure I take my camera to get a video of it. 

Anna’s bedroom turned into a major disaster.  It was so bad, I could not get to her closet to hang clothes.  Part of the problem was that daddy reads to her now so I am barely in her room.  Not that it was ever spotless before anyways.  So on Monday, Anna and Angel left for her dance class,  David and Abby were here so they took Ethan to the park, and I literally locked myself in her room for 1.5 hours.  I didn’t think it was possible.. You know how it usually gets worse before it gets better, when you are cleaning a room like that.. well it definitely got worse.. I totally didn’t think it was possible.  However, in 1.5 hours the room was done.. As soon as I came out of the room and sat in the living area.. everyone came home.  Perfect timing.. although I could have used a small break.. but it was all good. 

The amazing thing is .. Anna is actually trying.. ( I know.. it is only Wednesday, give it time..)  she is keeping it clean.. she hung her clothes, she played with her littlest pets with Ethan yesterday.  She put everything away.. and even pulled out today’s clothes last night and put them neatly on the foot of her bed.  I am very proud of her.  Now the hard part will be me keeping on her to pick up daily.  I tend to ‘let it slide’.. Til a small pile becomes a huge disaster! 

Speaking of disasters.. Bubbles cage is stinky!  Today is trash day.. I guess this is another project I need to take care of right now!