My mom asked a question regarding help from my hubby..

First let me say, Angel is wonderful with cooking and laundry.  He will take the laundry downstairs before he starts work and at the end of the day bring it up.  I am the one to fold and put them away.  Angel also cooks a good 3 or more times a week.  However, he isn’t up here during the day when Anna does school, unless he is sharing something or making lunch.  Sometimes he will sit with Anna and have lunch. 

That being said he definitely sleeps more than I do.. most of the time.  I get maybe 6 hours daily.. he sleeps til about 8 most days.  However, he doesn’t always go to bed with me.. His sleep is not consistent.. Last week he was up til 4am and then another day he worked til about 5am.  So he tends to make up for it with naps.. especially on the weekend.  Basically, he gets his alone time.. in the middle of the night..

He always asks me to stay up with him.. and tells me to relax on Saturdays, sleep in, don’t worry about the house.. just rest.. However, as most of the ladies know.. we just can’t always do it..  I don’t like Anna being up alone for long periods of time.. and I can’t handle when things get totally out of order.. I can try to leave it alone but eventually end up cleaning up something.. especially the never ending dishes! 

While I type this Anna is doing Social Studies and Ethan is on his way!  Oops.. time to get back to work!