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I thought this contest was too awesome to keep to myself. 

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Waking up to homemade spaghetti sauce, with hot sausages and meatballs.. just smells so good.. 

Anna is feeling better, although she had a slight temp last night.  Angel seems to be ok, but still coughing among the both of them.  So much to do today.  Tomorrow is a special special day.  I am going to make lasagna tomorrow.. so today I must start the sauce and the meatballs.  Ethan also comes today.. I miss him so much!  Today will be a good day! 

Yesterday, Anna’s temp hit 103.  She slept twice.. Angel started to feel worse. 

This morning, Anna woke fever free and Angel feels much better.  Anna is still coughing and doesn’t look great.. but she is up and talkative .. anyone who knows Anna.. knows that is a good thing..

Now she is asking for food.. another good thing. 

Fever, coughing, headache and sore throat…  Yesterday she also threw up.  However, I think it was because she drank water too fast, so when she coughed, it had to go.  Someone mentioned she should be tested for the flu.. However, I think I would already just assume she has the flu.  Daddy has it to.  I am really not wanting to take her into a crowded doctor’s office or even worse, the hospital.  What is done differently for the flu??  She is taking Hyland’s cough meds and Hyland’s flu meds right now.  Her fever is going down without a problem except in the evening.  It was 102.2 this morning which I believe is because her last meds were at 10pm.  David’s fever always went up at night.  She seems to be awake and hungry right now.. Talkative too.. which is a good thing with her..   So seriously.. should I really take her into a doctor’s office while her immune system is so low, pay money I don’t have, just to be sent home with the words.. “she has the flu.” 

I know I will probably get scolded for this.. but I also know the the doctors office is crowded with all kinds of kids who may or may not have it.. and so I have not heard of any special instructions you must follow, if you do have it. 

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