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It has been a tough few days.. but today will be better. 


I am trying to be faithful with posting but I seriously am not sure what to say here.. hmmm

It was a typical day.. Monday’s are always hard to get back in gear.  School was light.  We worked on our paper quilt, Anna did her Bible Lesson from CEF MailBox Club and it is ready to be mailed back.  We did madlibs for English, She started her new week’s lesson for Math and Spelling.  Nice and quiet day..

Then Ethan came, followed soon by Abby and David who haven’t really been here all week.. Anna was supposed to go to Ballet class but it was pouring hard and Daddy of course really didn’t want to drive in it.  So we ended up having a nice evening together.  Abby decided to buy us all pizza from Dominos.. which we had not had in a long time.  Did you know that you can order online and then watch how the order is progressing.  The site told us what time Carlos put the pizza into the oven and exactly when it was ready for pick up.. I thought that was a hoot.  We even got a bit of alone time because Annaleah and Ethan both wanted to go with David and Abby to get the pizza. 

Early bedtime at 9 and all was good. 

Today I need to really get on track.  Full day of school lessons .. I need to get things in order.  It is amazing how much a weekend off can do damage around here. 

If you would like to know more about Annaleah’s Bible Correspondence.. check it out CEF MailBox Club.

She really enjoys these lessons.  It comes with a Bible story, a story about a family that goes along with it and questions to answer and send back for the next lesson.  She looks forward to her lessons.  Also check around at the site.  There are some things for kids there as well ..  wonderzone


I suppose I had something to say after all.  

We planned on going to visit my brother-in-law, Abe.  His daughter was there for the weekend and I had not seen her in a good maybe 9 years.

Angel woke up rather late, after being up early morning, so we started out later than we thought.  He had not eaten so of course, fast food was in order.  We decided on Wendys since it was right there where we were getting gas.  Now, from the past, we should really know better to go there.. but we decided to try once again.

We go in and I see on the board..

Bold Buffalo Boneless Wings

Pack some punch in your lunch. Get 100% tender and juicy all-white chicken hand-tossed in our signature buffalo sauce made with aged cayenne pepper.

Now that seriously looks good to me.. so I order it.. 3.99.. nothing else included. 

First I wait much longer for it.. Anna and Angel had already gotten theirs.. ok.. maybe a bit of work involved..

Then it arrives..

Now I don’t know what I was thinking but the pic on the board looked like they were bigger.  This is only what it looked like after I rolled around the chicken nugget into the bit of sauce sitting on the bottom.  The nuggets looked like the exact ones you see on the board advertising 5 for .99
I paid 4.00 so that is 3.01 for 2 more nuggets and sauce..
Good thing Angel bought a large fries, so I was able to get a bit of that. 
The wings were good.  Just alot of money for something so small.  
then came the trip to the bathroom..
Ok, ladies, it is bad enough when you tinkle on the seat and don’t wipe..
but how do you miss and get the entire front of the toilet (floor) instead??
then Angel comes out and he is not happy either.. apparently someone covered the entire seat with urine..
He was forced to clean it and then dump the toilet paper onto the floor
because there was no trash can at all.  It was either that or clog the toilet..
This is why we avoid Wendy’s here.
Moving on to Abe’s house.  We had a really nice visit.  Mariah has grown from a beautiful little girl to a beautiful young lady.
She has had a rocky start.. I can only pray things will get better for her. 
I didn’t get alot of pics but here are the few I got with my phone. 
Anna and Ally
Mariah playing cards on the couch
Angel and Abe taking a pic
In other news, I finally finished the puzzle that Abby and David bought me.
the top part was torture!  I loved every minute of it..

The other day I decided to try and attend a twitter party through Savvyblogging.  I reserved like they asked and got excited.. but since the party was at 9pm, I really wasn’t sure if I was going to be able to attend.  Hubby made it possible for me to check it out.  So I did for about 40 min.. wow.. there were alot of people.  Like alot.  The chat was going so fast.. I couldn’t keep up..  Then there are twitter symbols.. hashtags, etc.  that I am not familiar with.  It was quite an experience.  I gave up, thinking I could probably read it all the next day.. so I saved the tweet grid and went to bed. 

I woke up with a ton of email telling me I have new followers.  Wow.  As of this morning there are 117 new followers.  So I think, ok.. first of all.. I don’t have any interesting words!  Like.. my tweets are probably considered mundane.. boring, ya know.. I don’t have much to say!   Then I think ok, since they are following me I should follow them right? 

So last night I did.. I am now following everyone on their list.  It’s alot.  My echofon in my firefox was losing it.  So I disabled that and ran tweetdeck.  I am not sure it can handle it.  Wow! 

I love reading others!  I read alot of blogs daily as it is.. My problem, I never really comment.  I am like that fly on the wall just watching everything around me but never contributing.  I know I need to change that.. but seriously, my blog is not that interesting.. I am surprised I have readers at all!  Hmmm..

I know I also have this irritating habit of  adding periods to everything……   yea, like that.. doesn’t it drive you nuts?  bUT aT LeAst i DOn’t TyPE LikE tHIs!  LOL!

Ok, I think it is time to open up my tweet deck and see what the night was like.  Oh funny comment.. I told my husband, at least I don’t have it set to go to my phone.. He then started talking about the batteries dying fast from all the vibrating and smoke coming out of my phone.  I thought.. hey it would be cool if I found a chirping audio for text messages..

Ok, tweet deck, here I come.  

This topic may be weird to most of you out there.. but it is on my mind this morning.  It was actually on my mind all day yesterday.  Many of you know that my family and I enjoy watching Asian Dramas.  One of the main reasons is because there storylines are much cleaner then alot of American shows out there but also there are alot of morals that our shows don’t have.  Most of the dramas we enjoyed as a family are about young innocent love.  The girl in the story treasures that first kiss.. it isn’t just given to anyone.. She waits for that special someone.. there are lots of funny situations.. sometimes outrageous ones too.. children have a huge respect for the parents.. Ever seen a 33 year old beg her mom for forgiveness in the american shows.. I can’t think of any.. Yet I have seen it in these dramas.  Respect for your parents is huge in these shows.. (of course usually the rich families don’t have that.. they usually have some severe dysfunctional issues.. lol) 

Well, back to what has been on my mind.  Right now I am watching a drama .. just 1 hour a week.. and the main guy in the storyline is one I am familiar with.  I have seen a few of his other dramas.  I found out not too long ago about his love for the Lord.  Just recently, I discovered that he has a twitter… so I thought it would be fun to learn more.  Since then I have found his testimony which was very inspirational to me and his tweets.. wow.. He mentions God in probably every tweet he sends.. It brings a smile every time he tweets..

Part of me started to think.. ok.. am I being obsessive here?? why am I following this guy’s tweets??  Yes I also am now a fan on facebook.. lol.  So I talk to a friend about it.. during our discussion I realize something.  I am loving his tweets because he is truly On Fire for God!  I have not been in a long time.  I have just been going through life, going through the motions.. etc.. but where is my zest for the Lord?  When did I lose it?  I want that fire back in my life.  I think it is seriously time to start looking for a church closer to us.  We have been away for too long. 

So, I feel better now.. I am not drawn to this good looking popular asian actor .. . I am drawn to his zest for the Lord.. he is very vocal about his Love for the Lord while I sit here quietly loving God in my own way.  I want to be bold.. I want to really feel the Lord in my life again.  I have alot to learn! 

Sometimes I feel like I am suffocating.. My days can be so alike but some days it is just a struggle to get the basics done.  Yesterday was one of those days.  Then in the middle of schooling a simple text from a friend.  She didn’t have much time but wanted to stop by and visit.  She was here for 1.5 hours.. just enough to make my day.  The amazing thing, Annaleah also managed to finish school.  Wow.

Yesterday was a different day.. Most of the time around here, things don’t change much. Being a homeschooling, stay at home mom of 1 child.. not much happens. Yesterday however, was a bit different. First Ethan arrived really early.. we were kinda surprised to hear someone knocking on the door as we were doing English. Apparently, David made arrangements for Ethan to come early but forgot to tell me. David and Abby were not even here yet.. So of course I text David who ends up feeling awful about it. But it really wasn’t a big deal at all. Anna still managed to do her English and ate lunch with Ethan. Then continued her work while Ethan was supposed to be napping.. He never actually fell asleep.

Ethan had a silly moment.. David wanted to go get pizza for Ethan and Anna.. so he asked Ethan.. “what do you like on your pizza?” Ethan’s response, “Strawberries”. Silly boy.

For school, Annaleah has been reading Sarah Noble. We are now reviewing the book while working on a lapbook for it. Corn was the topic of this week. Abby had gotten some dried corn on a cob from work and the kids were able to check it out last night.


Dried out corn cob





putting it in a microwave bag



 popped corn


Ethan’s turn

After popping popcorn,  Ethan left and Anna, Abby and David all watched UP.  What a sad movie!  We had watched it the night before and I have to say, it had alot of depressing parts.  It was good though and funny.. I loved Dug the dog.  He was my favorite character aside from Russell. 

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