Yesterday was Annaleah’s sneak a peek week at ballet..  Which meant lots of videos to be taken.. but no worries, I didn’t upload them all.. just the best 3 I had.  Oh and I mistakenly uploaded one that they messed up with..The first video, Annaleah is the last one against the wall.  It gets confusing because they have to form circles in the middle and go in opposite direction as the outer circle.  I was quite impressed. 

Here is a blooper video.. I just love it when the girls giggle after making a mistake..

For the May performance, they are doing a dance involving the beach floating tube things.. (forgive my blank mind here).. here they are pretending to have them and they sit in the middle of the tube. 
Here the girls are pretending to hold beach balls to hide Anna from the audience.. and then they reveal her. 
I think they we do awesome by the time May arrives..  I love how they have so much fun learning the choreography involved.