That is so what I need right now.  Yesterday I allowed negative thoughts and feels to ruin my day.. and I can already feel it again.  This isn’t a good way to start the day.. I must think positive!!!

We did manage to finish school yesterday and although we had a rocky start.. it was a good finish.  I am thinking of maybe wrapping up the week the best I can today.. seeing if she is ready for her math test as well as some other things.  This weekend we may be able to finally get some serious grocery shopping done.. but I need a plan.  I don’t want to go into the stores armed with nothing.  I want menus planned, and a grocery list done.  I want to know everything we have in this house and what we need to add.  I want healthier choices if possible.. and the weirdest thing is I am craving Grapefruit!!  How odd is that?  I was even thinking of juicing again but to be honest.. the thought of that juicer with no place to call home.. and the work involved.. forget that.. so not ready for that hassle. 

Let me say, I love getting up at 5am, however, guess who decided she liked getting up early too!  Yesterday she woke at 6:50am.. ok.. no problem.. I can handle that.. Today she shows up at 6am.. ok.. now I am having issues here.. this is my time!!  sigh.  Maybe letting her stay up just a bit longer with daddy wouldn’t be such a bad idea? 

Tonight is still sneak a peek week at ballet… I will be recording Anna’s ballet and tap class.  Monday was her Kid’s in Motion class which does more choreography for performances at nursing homes and other functions.  Be prepared for more videos. Hope that doesn’t bore you all.