I have been here.. just not in my right mind is all. Anna’s birthday party is in 2 weeks and I am just a mess.. Seriously!

She decided on a “Girls Rock” Party. So I made concert tickets for invitations. I already ordered some items from Oriental Trading(love that place). I still have alot to plan and purchase but my brain is mush! I bought some cardboard guitars that they could decorate and hang on their walls.. I am thinking Anna could have everyone’s signature on hers. They will decorate guitar pics.. already purchased a guitar pinata. She wants to also do Karaoke with all the girls.. what fun.. I can picture everyone wanting to sing Hannah Montana songs.. My son is gonna really love that.. not!.

I am really a mess over this party though.. Main reason.. hubby decided Anna should invite some of her friends from dance. I almost lost it when he said this. I love her parties and planning them is so much fun.. but the only ones that come are those very close to me.. I don’t do well with those I don’t really know, and they are going to be in my house!! I am reminded of the time I was PTO co-president and just before our first meeting I was tearing up so badly.. my heart was pounding.. the other co-president was very aware and immediately asked if I could check on the kids in the next room.. I walked out and just cried.. so yeah, I don’t do well around a bunch of people I don’t really know. I can do one on one.. but that is about it..

I am told I will survive! I hope so..

In preparation for Anna’s party.. we have been working on the house. David and Abby have been painting.. they cleared out and painted the family room downstairs.. moved all the school stuff, toys and books to that room. We found a free couch and recliner in great shape.. bought an area rug. David continued to paint the stairway and hallway. He has been working on the yard. I have been steaming and moving things and trying to organize. When you have to continue with your dailies and school.. it is not an easy task! But we are getting there.. It was supposed to be done 2 years ago but never happened. Now it seems things are starting to fall in place. Alot of work and chaos included.. but it’s getting done finally!

I have also been learning alot of new dishes. I started looking up some Korean recipes on YouTube and found a few side dishes I have been really wanting to make on my own. Angel has been very pleased with the outcome. I like to cook when he enjoys the food.. It is also nice to have different things for a change. Our dinner menus can get pretty mundane lately.

This weekend we are picking up my mom for the week. She will be helping with the party stuff and keeping me company while I go insane.

Oh, I should mention next month won’t get any better. Anna has her ballet performance in May and we have alot of rehearsals to attend. Part of me can’t wait til June!!