Let’s see.. about 2 weeks ago, Anna had a slight fever, headache and running nose.  Last week her cheek swelled up and we thought, sinuses.  So I put her on Clariton.  When she got back from my mom’s on Sunday I noticed what appeared to be a few pimples on her arm.  Yesterday, there were about 16 and they looked more like Chicken Pox.  I went all over the web.. and yes, that is what it looks like.  However, there are so few of them.  Today she has 25 that we can see.  She hasn’t been very itchy til this morning (I forgot to give her the Clariton). 

David was about 9 when he got them.  But he was completely covered.. all down his back.  If this is what Anna has.. it is a very mild case I guess.  wow. 

Guess our plans for the day are not happening.