It has been a busy day in the kitchen.  Yesterday I started the homemade yogurt in the crock pot.  I tried something different this time.  I added a packet of gelatin to the batch before setting it in the oven overnight.  This morning it was nice and thick.  I am loving this with honey and granola.  Hubby tried it today and also loved it.  Whoo hoo! 

We are trying a few things differently here.  Aside from making homemade yogurt vs buying it, we also decided to stop purchasing the oatmeal packets for our smoothies.  I used 1/4 cup of old fashioned oats instead.  I also added some frozen peaches with the bananas.  The results were not as tasty. =(  Someone mentioned I should try honey so I may try adding that tomorrow. 

After I washed down the crock pot, I decided to make some pasta sauce.  I like to use puree and paste as they can be bought with very low salt.  I sauteed some garlic, onions and mushrooms in olive oil and added some italian seasonings.  Let me tell you, it smells good in here.  The sauce has been cooking all day and now I have it on really low for overnight. 

For dinner, I made some pork loins that were seasoned with garlic, cumin, corriander, red pepper, and olive oil.  Had that with some rice, steamed green beans and tomatoes.  Add peaches after dinner and it was great.  Not sure I should mention the Klondikes but hey, they were good.  I only had half anyways since I shared with Anna. 

I just got done getting the soaked whole wheat bread started.  That will have to sit over night for a good 12+ hours.  There will be quite some work for me to do in the morning.  Cool off the sauce so I can pack it away, and finish the bread dough and set to rise.  Can you believe I have absolutely no idea what we are having for dinner?  Maybe something simple like homemade waffles since Annaleah has ballet tomorrow evening.  It is sneak a peek week, so I will be bringing that camera with me. 

I am happy today because we did good food wise.  I didn’t do so well with exercise but that is ok.  I am still feeling a bit sick.  I also managed to thoroughly clean Bubbles cage alone with the kitten’s litter box.  Poor Bubbles is not enjoying being played with by the kitten.  He hid under the chair the entire time I cleaned the cage. 

I also managed to show Annaleah how to use Open Office on her computer.  She had a writing assignment she wanted to type up and print out.  I spent some time getting Anna set back up on her blog.  She shared her writing assignment there and on facebook.  I also set her camera up and Skype.  She was very excited.  I will enjoy her being able to talk to her friends without using my phone. 

Annaleah’s writing is not her strong point.  She gets frustrated with misspelling words and grammar issues.  Last week in her journal I decided to try something different.  Usually we write questions back and forth.  This time I asked her to tell me a story about a girl who got lost.  I also asked a few questions about this girl.  She really enjoyed this assignment and worked well on it.  After typing it up and printing it out.. she decided to write another story on her own.  I was quite surprised as she was done with school and usually wants to play or watch tv.  She had a very productive day. 

Well, I am exhausted and ready for bed.  I will end this with a video clip from youtube.  I absolutely loved this.   Have a great evening!