Day 5 – Your Day

Monday is always a tough day since the weekend gets messy.  I generally focus on cleaning and Annaleah does light school work.  Today will be a little different as we are all heading out to see my Granddaughter Meadow this afternoon.  We are very excited.


As usual I start my day at 6am.


I started my homemade yogurt in the crock pot first.  Then it was time to make smoothies for all.

After the usual morning routine (dishes and general pick up) I got to work planning our meal for the trip to Meadow’s tonight.  We decided on Subway.  Since Angel has to go low sodium, I printed out the nutrition guide and highlighted the sodium section to help him make better choices.


Between getting Anna to work on her chores, chatting with Angel and such I managed to restock our freezer with bananas for more smoothies during the week.


Finally, Anna got started on her school work and took a shower.  I got to work on the spreadsheet for our food journal.

For lunch I made an egg casserole.  This helps keep the sodium low for the day.

I finished up the yogurt and got it in the oven. I was shocked when I realized it was already 12:30 and Ethan was arriving.

Anna went back to work on her Grammar Lessons and I went to scrub down the bathroom.    Seriously, I have no idea why since it will look exactly the same by tomorrow morning.. sigh.

After rushing around, trying to get everything packed and trying to get everyone out the door, we were finally on the road by 3pm. We stopped to pick up Subway Grinders for the trip.  Angel and I got a veggie grinder.  It was quite good.  I have never had a veggie grinder before.  Of course I still craved the buffalo chicken strips grinder that David ordered.


Then we headed off to Meadow’s!


We hung out and played with Meadow.

We did not realize they were going to order pizza.  whoops.  It was good.


After about 2 hours, goodbyes were said and we headed off for a one and half hour drive home.

Sadly I did not get a good pic of Annaleah.

Once we got home, Angel and I made some mung bean Sprout side-dish to refrigerate for tomorrow.


Then we got Annaleah ready for bed.


I will be up for a bit longer.  I have to wait til 12:45ish to get the yogurt out of the crock and put it in some containers.  I will also put some in mini muffin tins and freeze for tomorrow smoothies.

For now I guess I will look for an Asian Drama to watch while I am waiting.
I am exhausted!
Goodnight All!