Day 10 – Favorite room in the house

Our house has been in ‘fixing’ mode since we bought the house.  I have not been okay with my house for a long time now.  Basically since my husband decided we didn’t need the blue paneling in the living room and hallway.. or the wall to wall carpet in the living/dining/hallway.  Since then, things have constantly been in need of repair.  We finally fixed the messed up walls (thick tacky like glue that was holding the paneling up)in the main rooms.  We still need to work on our bedroom, Kitchen, bathroom shower wall.  The list just keeps going.

With my son’s help, we were able to get the Living Room looking so much better.  However, we did not have a couch or money for a couch.  Our last couch was infested with fleas.  This was the year we got rid of the chickens we had.  I guess the fleas were getting back at us because they were awful.  So we tossed the couch.  We sat in two kitchen type chairs to watch TV at night.  We also had a huge table in the living room.  It was just bad.

As David and his girlfriend were driving.. they saw someone put a couch on the curb.  They immediately called us and we rushed down to look.  It was in great shape.  Not a single tear.  They also had a recliner out.  We could not fit the recliner in the van so sadly we left it.  Well David and Abby grabbed the chair for us.


In the picture above, we had just purchased a rug and still had to cut down the mat underneath.  This may not look awesome to many, but to this lady who spent a year without a Living Room.  It was perfect!

Now I finally enjoy family nights when I can sit and cozy up to hubby.  Much more relaxing than sitting in kitchen chairs!