Day 15 – Something that bugs you.

I am behind.  Way behind.  Mainly because of the week with my mom and traveling to and from the Hartford Hospital.  This week isn’t any easier as hubby is at the hospital right now and Anna has alot of dance performances this weekend. 

So I will catch up some how.  It is ok if I am late. 

Let’s see something that bugs me. 





Woman who tickle in public bathrooms and leave a mess for the next person!

Seriously, as women, I figure they would be considerate of others when they are done in public restrooms.  I hate having to use a public bathroom, but even more I hate bringing my daughter or even my grandson in one.  I am sometimes appalled when I see the condition of the toilet seat.  I always always always check the seat before I leave the bathroom.  Which leads to another thing that bugs me. 

Bathrooms that do not have paper towels.  I understand the need to save the enviroment.  But when you have a messy toilet seat and no other seat to use.. it helps to have paper towels to clean such seats with (and sometimes the floor too!)  Toilet paper won’t do in this situation.  When you have a young one that desperately needs to use the potty.. you can’t just leave in search of another bathroom! 

Not to mention the really loud dryers that young children tend to be afraid of.. it is hard enough when I have to hold my hand over the automatic flusher so it won’t send the child screaming and running into the corner of the stall.  Now my child or grandchild has to leave with wet hands because he is terrified of the dryer as well. 

and honestly folks, have you ever actually seen the paper that is supposed to be in the koala care changing tables for your use?  I have never ever seen actual paper.. When traveling with a young child I tend to always bring receiving blankets.. but not with a toddler who needs to be changed. 

So I guess I have issues with public bathrooms.  hmm..