Friday – Angel went in for his Colonoscopy.  They said that the antibodies for Celiac is really high, and while they did rule that out recently, they need to look into it again.  Angel will have to swallow a camera.  Angel talked to them about Anna and the doc said she will most definitely be affected.  We decided to hold off til we know for sure this time.  Maybe going gluten free somehow ruined the test last time.

Friday night, Anna had her performance at a Nursing Home.  I stayed home and Angel took some pics.

When they got home we watched The Secret of Moonacre (I think).  We really enjoyed that one.

Saturday was busy.  We rushed to the first Nursing Home.  We were able to watch the performance from the back but I was not able to take videos or pictures.  Being at the homes was a bit sad for me.  I just kept thinking of my Gram.  She would have loved to see Anna dance.  I really miss her.

After the first nursing home, we rushed to grab a lunch at McD’s, Then headed off to Jazz class. From there we headed to the next nursing home.  This one had a good size cafeteria and I was able to get some video footage.  whoo hoo. We headed over to Walmart for some grocery shopping, ended up stopping at their McD’s for ice cream first.  We were supposed to hit the library and post office but I was so tired.  Anna looked exhausted as well.  So we just headed home.  It was almost 5pm when we walked in the door.

Sunday was lazy day for us.  None of us felt well.  Ethan came around 12:30 and spent the afternoon with us.  We watched Megamind.  Not bad at all.  The kids really enjoyed it.  I recorded them while they were sitting on my lap after the movie.