Day 17: Am I named after anyone?

I most certainly am.  I am named after this wonderful person below.

A1momandme That would be my mom.  For some reason, my dad wanted me to have her name.  I also inherited the middle name as well but I am thankful mom was able to change his mind.  That middle initial was the only thing that kept us apart.  Now that I married, I don’t have that problem as much. 

One of the disadvantages of having the same name was being called at home by my dad.  We would here.. “Linda!”  Both mom and I would shout, “Which one?”  Another disadvantage is that I am now stuck with the title, “Little Linda” forever.


With that being sad, I named my son, David.  Now I thought we were in the clear since my Dad is David Anthony, and my brothers are William Andrew and Michael David.  I had loved the name David since I was a little girl and begged my parents to give Mike that name. 

I figured, I was safe.  So I named him David Andrew. He would get my brothers and father’s names without it being confusing. 

Um.. No.  My dad soon needed a copy of his birth certificate.  When he got that copy it was discovered that his actual name is David Antony. (no h) Which now means not only does my son have his first name, he also has his middle intial.  Talk about confusing!  Thankfully, everyone calls my dad Tony, although I know David is proud to carry his Papa’s name.