Photo & Prompt Challenge: Day 12

Day 11 – Something I do every day

This one is easy. 

  • Every day I wake around 6am.
  • Every day I make smoothies
  • Every day I do the dishes, over and over and over again
  • Every day I write what hubby eats in a food journal
  • Every day I remind Anna to brush her hair and teeth
  • Every day I kiss Anna and hubby good night


Photo & Prompt Challenge: Day 11

Day 11 – A Photo that makes you laugh.


Need I say more?

Photo & Prompt Challenge: Day 10

Day 10 – Favorite room in the house

Our house has been in ‘fixing’ mode since we bought the house.  I have not been okay with my house for a long time now.  Basically since my husband decided we didn’t need the blue paneling in the living room and hallway.. or the wall to wall carpet in the living/dining/hallway.  Since then, things have constantly been in need of repair.  We finally fixed the messed up walls (thick tacky like glue that was holding the paneling up)in the main rooms.  We still need to work on our bedroom, Kitchen, bathroom shower wall.  The list just keeps going.

With my son’s help, we were able to get the Living Room looking so much better.  However, we did not have a couch or money for a couch.  Our last couch was infested with fleas.  This was the year we got rid of the chickens we had.  I guess the fleas were getting back at us because they were awful.  So we tossed the couch.  We sat in two kitchen type chairs to watch TV at night.  We also had a huge table in the living room.  It was just bad.

As David and his girlfriend were driving.. they saw someone put a couch on the curb.  They immediately called us and we rushed down to look.  It was in great shape.  Not a single tear.  They also had a recliner out.  We could not fit the recliner in the van so sadly we left it.  Well David and Abby grabbed the chair for us.


In the picture above, we had just purchased a rug and still had to cut down the mat underneath.  This may not look awesome to many, but to this lady who spent a year without a Living Room.  It was perfect!

Now I finally enjoy family nights when I can sit and cozy up to hubby.  Much more relaxing than sitting in kitchen chairs!

Photo & Prompt Challenge: Day 9

Day 9 – Your most treasured item.

Each assignment just gets harder.  I have been thinking of this one all day.  There are lots of things in my life that I treasure.

The Lord’s love and protection
Time with my children
Time with my grandchildren
My husband
My friends
My computer
My home
and so much more.

Which do I choose.  What do I talk about.  Then as I was cleaning today, I came across this piece of paper.


I have tons of little pieces of papers, just like this.  Some are from young kids I met over 22 years ago.  The above was written by Jade during her last vacation here at my home.  I take these little notes and try to put them in a folder.  I am a total pack rat!  Sometimes I find them in books that I have not opened in years.  This got me thinking of memories.  I treasure my memories.  These little treasures trigger those memories that are tucked deep within.  Will I still have those memories later in life?  If I didn’t have these little reminders, would I stumble across these memories on my own?  What about the emotions that follow when the memories flood in?

Sure we can think of memories and emotions as ‘bad’ things in our life.  I know there are quite a few bad memories and emotions in mine!  I choose to thing of memories and emotions as a wonderful thing!  Where would I be without them.  That is alot to think about.

Photo & Prompt Challenge: Day 8


Day 8 – A Birthday CelebrationThis is going to be torture!  Just one birthday celebration?  I love planning birthday parties!  Seriously!  For my son I did lots of themes.  Sadly I don’t remember them all and it would take ages to go through the pictures and home videos.  So here are a few.

Cars – he loved all those cars on his cake.
Circus – with a homemade clown pinata too!
Pirates – we had an awesome treasure hunt with this one.
Cowboys – even ate hot dogs and beans on the floor.
Space – had stars and planets hanging from the living room ceiling.

I don’t remember the rest.  At the age of 10 he decided he wanted a party at a roller skating rink.  I was devastated.  This was the end of planning parties for me.

Then Annaleah was born!  A Girl!

1st party was just a huge event inviting everyone to see our new home.
2nd year we had a Princess Party.  Little girls in dresses and tiaras with huge pixie stix wands (with stars on top)
3rd year Dragon Tales!  She just loved Dragon Tales.  This party included a plastic egg hunt with little dinosaurs and toys inside.  It helps that her birthday is in April!
4th year Spiderman.  Yep, you heard me right.  My little girl loved spiderman

5th year Tea Party.  Once again, little girls in pretty dresses all ready for tea.  Fancy style too.  We even had to tiny sandwiches and fancy teacups.
6th year Pet party.  This one was a sleepover.  After all the girls were in pj’s we secretly put a bag of stuffed animals all over the front yard.  I told the girls that all the animals had escaped!  They all ran out with flashlights to rescue every pet.
7th year Spy Party.  All the kids picked out spy names, had pics taken and badges made up.  They had a mystery to solve too.  Someone stole the birthday cake!
8th year Science Party.  We ordered all kinds of experiments from Science Bob and Steve Spangler.  This was one of my favorite parties.

This cake caused me alot of grief as I ended up in tears making it.  LOL.  It was my first time working with Fondant.


9th year Rock Star Party.  All girls in their best Rock outfits.  All kids put on karaoke performances in front of the crowd.. Including Ethan!

This year we are looking into a Spa Theme.  My baby girl will be 10 next month.  Thankfully she is not ready to give up on my parties.  She says she will keep having them for as long as she can. I am so happy!

Ok, so I shared a bit of all parties.  Just couldn’t help it!

Photo & Prompt Challenge: Day 7

Day 7 – Something you use every day. 

1. Magic BulletWe seriously use this every single morning for our smoothies.  I am a bit worried that we will kill it soon.  It has held up a long time so far.

2. My laptop
I never, ever go a day without getting on my laptop.  Is that sad or what?

3. My cell phone.

This is another way for me to connect with the outside world.  I never go anywhere without it.  With my cell I can connect with my son, my parents and one of my closest friends.  I have also been using the task list on here as well as my calendar.  Really nice to have everything in one place.

Photo & Prompt Challenge: Day 6

Day 6 – My favorite memory.

I am sick today. As I lay here trying to think of my favorite memory, my brain hurts. I may have to give this a moment.

Thee are really a lot of memories floating around. The day I met my husband. A surprise birthday party. Times spent with family or friends. My children doing funny things. There are just too many.

One memory I have as a child is my dad bringing me to my mom’s workplace. I remember his big hand holding my small one.


I remember the steps being so huge and seemed to take forever to climb. When we finally reached the top of the winding stairs, there was a room full of tall ladies and sitting at tables with sewing machines. They were all looking at me with big smiles. Everyone was talking to me and I didn’t want to talk back. The were kinda scary to me. I finally saw my mom among those faces.

Women Sewing Overalls

This memory feels like a dream. However when I shared this with my mom she told me when I was 2 years old, my dad got me all dressed and made my hair pretty. He took me to see my mom at her workplace. She was a seamstress. This is my earliest memory.

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