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I should say that Anna really loves the dinosaurs.. Angel was calling some of the smaller ones over and she looked at him with this look only Anna can give, and said “Daddy, he is not coming over here.  He is staying right there!”  LOL

Yesterday was such a busy day.  I had to clear Anna’s room and that took all day.  I dragged up this desk someone gave here.. and here were the results last night..


Yes.. I know.. we are sad.. pathetic.. that is now 5 computers in this house.  The reason she has her own computer now is because her games always mess something up on my computer.  So there you go.  She is playing kid pix.  We got it at a yard sale for 3.00.. whoo hoo

So now my questions is.. how long will the room stay this way.. hmm

while she was sleeping I managed to bring the desk up.  Angel had already had the cpu unit in there.. so anna woke and had to go pee.. on the way to the bathroom, she must have spotted the desk.. She came back to me, holding herself.. and said.. Mommy, what’s that in my room?.. and I said I thought you had to go pee.. she said.. come here, mommy.. so I followed her.. and she pointed to the desk and cpu.  I said.. what is that?  she said.. my computer??  and I said.. yes.. daddy is giving you a computer.. she was so happy but had to run and go pee..  too cute..

Oh and my favorite is when she said.. mommy, am I going to have a tv on it.. like you?? (she is used to the laptop)

Ok… must get back to work..



Lately, Annaleah loves dinosaurs.. We own the first three videos of Land before Time and she watches them over and over again.  So we took her to dinosaur crossing.. Here are some pics.

That’s it for now. Rocking Happy 

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Today was a busy day, played alot of catch up.  I am trying to get everything done tonight so tomorrow will hopefully be a little bit easier.. Is it just me or does every mom feel this way.  I spend all day cleaning and taking care of everything, only to wake up and start all over again.. ugh.. Right now Anna is loading the coffee table with more toys as I type.  I just cleaned the living room.. and yes she is up late.  She took a nap today too.  I just can’t seem to get this child figured out.  if she naps, she is up late.. if she doesn’t she passes out at 6pm and then is up by 8pm and is up late again.  If I do everything possible to keep her awake til 7 or 8.. when I crawl into bed she is up again and I am convincing her that it is bedtime.. It is a good thing we co-sleep because she will lay next to me quietly til she falls asleep again.  I can not imagine fighting with her to stay in her room. 

She has been saying one word, alot.  Probably.  She tried to put it into every other sentence this morning.. I just couldn’t stop laughing. 

Oh well, back to work here.  Hopefully, tomorrow I can upload some pics to share.


You Are Not Scary
Not Scary!
Everyone loves you. Isn’t that sweet?


Pics from an email I just had to share:








Friday afternoon, I arrived at my mom’s home.  We were slightly running late so when I got there.. I had to prepare to leave for the church.  Anna was insisting that she was not going with Daddy.. She was staying with mommy.  Thankfully she left quietly, while we were waiting for our ride to the conference.  As Angel drove off I broke out in tears.  I had never left her for more than overnight before.. talk about emotional.  My mom constantly talks about how she wants to take her for a week.. don’t think I could handle it at all.. I would go nuts.


The Ladies Conference was marvelous.  The speakers were unbelievable. 


Pam, Kathy (Pastor’s Wife) and Wilma


Wilma Sullivan – Wilma is an ex-nun with a dynamic testimony of  how God brought her from serving Him to knowing Him.  She travels around the country speaking to women about God’s grace and love.


Pam Long –  Pam is a beautiful vocalist and women’s conference speaker who brings a wonderful message of Hope!  Her wisdom and experience as a pastor’s wife and  godly mother  is something we all benefit from.


The church was decorated beautifully.. They had themes throughout the entire church..

This is behind the pulpit


For dinner on Friday, we went to the Empire Buffet.. delicious… but bad for me.. wheat everywhere.. I ate pretty much anything I wanted and suffered the next day. 

Front entrance of the church


On Saturday, it showed that I ate bad food.. my face was blotchy.  I told my mom and she offered me clarinex.. it was 5mg.. I told her no.. it would make me fall asleep.. she didn’t believe me.. said it was such a small dosage, it would not do that.. So I listened..


and severely regretted it.. Saturday is a total blur.. and it upset me so much.  I ended up walking outside in the cold .. just walking around the building to try and stay awake.. I was afraid to go back to the conference.  It was very frustrating. 

this is across from the last display


I did make it throughout the day.. although I don’t remember much.  I bought one of Pam’s cd’s and one of Wilma’s books (mom bought the other so we can take turns.).. and I had Wilma sign it.  Then we headed back home after some cleaning.. 

This is the back room, set up with tables and a continental breakfast, snowflakes hanging from the ceiling.. it was beautiful


When we got home I quickly changed into jeans and t-shirt and waited for Lisa.  I was very happy to spend some alone time with her.  Jade and Katelynn arrived at my mom’s to spend the night.. I felt bad I was leaving.. but I really needed that time.  We were able to chat for a bit and then I took her and Kayla out for ice cream.  Chocolate peanut butter.. yummy!


Sunday morning we got the girls all ready for church.  They wanted to wear their flower girl dresses from the wedding.  We headed off to church where I thoroughly enjoyed the ladies class as well as Dan Long (Pam’s husband) preaching during the service.  After the ladies class, I went to speak to Wilma and Pam to let them know how much I was blessed.  They are both so amazing and inspirational.


This chair setup is in the ladies room.. I thought it would be a great place for a special picture



This is also in the ladies bathroom


All the decorations made me want to decorate for the house.. There was just so much stuff, I did not take pics of everything.


Bill joined us in service and then stayed at my mom’s.. it was nice talking with him.. I am really missing my brother, Mike.  It has been so long since we have seen him.  When Annaleah and Angel arrived, I was so thrilled to see her.. she came running to me and when I hugged her she didn’t let go.  She was happy, but even happier to see me.  On the way home she said.. “See mommy, I came to pick you up.”


Jade is reading to the group


I am glad to be home.. it was great to have a weekend without chores and such.  To get out of a daily routine.  There are some things that are in my mind from this weekend.  Here is a short summary of the things I got from the meetings:


Wilma Sullivan spoke of her younger years.  How she became a nun in the late 60’s, why she left and then how she found God.  She is such a funny and vibrant lady.  She constantly had us laughing as she shared her testimony.  Unfortunately I did not get much out of Saturday’s meetings with her due to my being drugged up.. Ugh..  However, she did speak on Sunday morning


  • Psalms 9:10 – “And they that know Thy name will put their trust in Thee”
  • “know” isn’t just head knowlege, but heart knowledge.  David hid God’s Word in his heart.
  • 1 John 4:17, Jesus does not have fear.  
  • So, if Jesus is in us, do we have fear?
  • Satan only has as much power as we give him.
  • Don’t talk about what Satan is doing, Talk about God!
  • 1 John 4:18
  • There is no fear in Love
  • Who is love? God!
  • Perfect Love Casts out fear
  • Our emotions are responders of what is in our mind.

She spoke on the names of God and when she got to El-Shaddai-the All sufficient One, she related it to this


She was looking for this lady to talk to.. the meeting was about to start and she needed to speak to her before the meeting.  The baby had been screaming and miserable and unable to calm, just seconds before and the mom disappeared.  So she asked the husband and he said.. she took the baby to the nursery.  So she figured she was dropping the baby off in there.. so she went straight for the nursery and what she found is the mom nursing and the baby was so content and calm and peaceful.. That mom was able to calm that baby in seconds.. she knew just what that baby needed. 


Picture God in that sense.. we are able to go to him and he is like that mom, he knows exactly what we need and we can just rest in his arms. 


When she mentioned this, I literally had goose bumps that very second.. such an awesome feeling.


If you would like to hear a little bit of Wilma’s story go here :


Pam talked about the four seasons (the theme this year)


Winter:  A Time of Rest

We tend to think of winter as a depressing time.   I know for me I am stuck in my house.. no sunshine, just snow and ice.  But think of it as a time to rest in the arms of our Savior.  Alone time with God to replenish ourselves, learn his wisdom, rest in his word. 


Psalms 37:7 Rest in the Lord and wait patiently for him:


Spring: A Time of Rejoicing (A refreshing Time)

This is the time we open all our windows to let in the fresh air (and the pollen).  We love to do spring cleaning, get rid of all the dust and cobwebs and freshen everything up.  We also need to do this to ourselves.. it is a refreshing time.

Summer: A Time of Trial

The Summer is the most heated time of the year.  The sun shines directly on us which causes some people to be uncomfortable.  God allows these trials to strengthen our faith.  Remember like seasons of the year.. this time will pass.  Also remember that others are watching us through these trials, watching our reaction.  Keep your eyes on the Lord. 

Fall: A Time of Faith

Ok.. I have a brain freeze on this one.. however it was satuday that she got to fall… so I was really out of it.. I will have to dwell on this one.


I forgot to share the most recent pic of David.. from the wedding


On Saturday we decided to just head up to New York City for no reason at all.  Neither of us had every been there..

Annaleah looked a bit nervous going over the bridge


We had a blast.. we left around 5:30am on Saturday and arrived there in NYC at 8am.  At around 9am Annaleah needed to pee very badly.. so we tried to go to a Mc D’s to use the bathroom, and of course.. you have to have a meal ticket first.. So needless to say Anna was crying in pain while Angel was ordering.. and when we got to the bathroom upstairs.. someone went in before us and the door was locked.. Poor Anna.. I tried to get her to pee in her pull up but she wouldn’t.. She literally holds it until it becomes painful for her..


That was the only time we got out of the car.. lol.. we were just totally amazed with the city.. We drove around to see everything that was there..

We saw the trump tower, American Girl Place, World Trade Center, and so much more.. oh and China Town..



Does anyone have any clue what the above picture is.. the numbers keep going up.. David thinks it is from the stop smoking advertisements..


Then after driving a long time we went to New Jersey to see Angel’s old neighborhood.. he was very much in shock at how bad the area had gotten. 

I noticed that all the homes were gated off.. I thought it was so odd.. I have never seen that before.



We got back into CT around 6pm and went to Ruby Tuesday’s for Dinner.  It was a very nice day.  Angel and I decided we wanted to go again, possibly overnight, leaving the car behind, and leaving Annaleah with my mom.  He is thinking New Year’s Eve.. I am not so sure about that.. Sounds too scary.. lol





The Wedding:

Was beautiful!!  Angela was gorgeous!  and she cried.. She cried through the vows.. and Barry almost started as well.. he was trying so hard to hold it in.. and Barry Jr. was in tears.  He was the ring bearer.. Holly a jr. bridesmaid (Barry’s daughter) and Jade and Kate were flowers girls.. very simple, yet beautiful!


I found myself watching Jade all evening.. checking to see if there was any hint of sadness.. because like any other girl deep down.. she always wanted mommy and daddy together. 

As I was watching.. all I can see was happiness.. she really loves Barry and his mom.. and while there is already sibling rivalry going on with Holly and Barry.. you can tell.. she already considers them her family.  She has been calling them her brother and sister for quite some time now..  I pray for a deep family commitment and love for all involved..


Here are some random pics



Don’t worry, it’s water




Who’s gonna catch it?

Holly and Anna





Conversation with Annaleah

A-Mommy, can I go outside to play?

Me- No honey, you need to get some rest

A- but mommy, I want to go outside and play

Me – After you get some rest then you can.

A- Can I play with play doh

Me – No honey, you need to get some rest

A- Mommy, Look at me!  See!  I’m not arrested yet..


Imagine the strange look I got when I started laughing. 





This morning:


I am in shock!  We booked a hotel in NYC for New Year’s Eve!  All I keep saying is wow!  I think we are crazy though.. but it will be an unforgettable experience..  I can not believe we will be doing this.  shocking. 


More Pics:

We finally have the nest in the coop and the chicks have started laying in it.. We now get two a day..

This chick was caught laying the egg.. She is the only that has been laying for weeks now

My cat has been acting very odd.

Well, I must go to bed.. goodnight

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